Stay fresh, stay alert

Baba says, ‘don’t lose to Maya‘. Baba comes to remind us of who we are and of our elevated role as His companions in this Drama. When we forget what He tells us, we stop operating as souls and start operating as egos and then it only takes seconds to fall to Maya.

Baba says, ‘this is a boxing match. Maya fights champions as a champion‘. And so, the more I progress on this journey, the more careful I have to be. While I might have overcome some of my more obvious drawbacks, I might have subtle threads of attachment or anger or greed or something else lurking within me. Its so easy to fall into the trap of complacency and feel that I am ‘okay’. But Baba cautions, ‘this is a student life’ and we will have lessons to learn till our last moment. So let me not deceive myself into thinking my learning is complete, instead, let me stay open, let me continue to observe my blind spots and change.

It is important to experience newness as we progress in our journeys. If we meditate the exact same way as when we started, then it will be hard to sustain. Soon, we will lose our enthusiasm and fade back into our old ways and lifestyle. Let me churn the knowledge daily, let me uncover new layers, let me experience a new relationship with God….let me stay fresh and alert.

Maya tries to trick us in various disguises but the underlying hole she exploits is usually our attachment to ‘I’ and ‘mine’. The more attached I am something or someone, the more I fluctuate between various moods and feelings. That is the trap that sucks away our time and makes us fall from our elevated stage.

So let me not be careless and lax. Let me continue to follow my daily itinerary starting with early morning meditation (Amritvela), the study, traffic control throughout the day, evening remembrance and closing my books for the day before going to sleep. Let me work on bringing in newness and creativity in my routine.

Baba is my Father, Teacher, Guru. He is also my Supreme Doctor and Surgeon. He is The Purifier. Let me pay attention to what He is teaching me and heed His advice. He is giving me signals everyday, let me keep the line of my intellect clear so I can catch it. Let me keep my heart clean, without any impurity of malice or ill feelings, so that I can seat Baba on the throne.

He is always with me, let me take care to not stop listening.

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