Remembrance begets remembrance

Baba says, ‘remembrance begets remembrance’. Baba is the Ocean of Love. He remembers and loves every one of His children. He says, ‘you are my long lost and now found child‘. But if I don’t remember Baba, I won’t be able to feel His presence in my life or experience His love.

Remembrance begets remembrance.

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of complacency. Things are going well in my life, everything seems normal and so I don’t pay as much attention to my study. I may or may not meditate, I miss morning class, I prioritize other commitments over my evening meditation, watch movies late into the night….etc.

The thing is that I need to pay more attention to my study during the good times. It is during the normal periods that my intellect is clear and in a state to receive the knowledge, focus, understand and inculcate. It is during these times that I have the opportunity to reflect, observe and make changes. It is during these times, that I can spend quality time with Baba, get to know Him as He is, strengthen my relationship with Him.

During times of crisis, try as hard as I may, it is extremely hard to meditate or even try to focus on anything. Besides, that is not the time to meditate anyway- its the time to take care of things, do what I need to do, be available. But I won’t know what to do and will lack the strength to face adversity if I have not filled myself up with light and might.

We then make the mistake of blaming God with statements like ‘where are You when I need You’, ‘can’t You hear me?‘etc. Well, He’s right there with me but I am unable to hear Him or even experience His presence and companionship because I don’t really have a strong relationship with Him, besides, my mind is cluttered and tense.

But if I have filled myself up, I am prepared to face whatever comes my way. I may get busy but I know and feel Baba right there with me. He is my Parent, my Friend and Companion and I feel Him supporting me through the whole thing.

Remembrance begets remembrance. Let me check, am I taking God for granted? Do I forget about Him or de-prioritize Him when things are fine and summon Him when things are bad? Is that true friendship? Do I share my good and bad with Him or just the bad?

In this school, there are no holidays, there are no monitors who take attendance or ensure I am paying attention. Baba will caution us, teach us, guide us but He will not impose upon us or in other words, make us do something. It is up to me to monitor myself, ensure I don’t slack off and that I always remain connected with Him.

And why wouldn’t I? He is the Ocean of Love, my Father, Teacher, Guru, He is my Best Friend, my true and eternal Companion. He is here especially for me, He is eager to be part of my life and loves me very, very much. Why wouldn’t I want to spend time with Him? I, the soul have been searching for true love, for that unconditional and pure love for half the cycle. I have found it now, let me not waste a single moment, let me not let Him out of my mind.

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