Pay attention to the study

Baba says, ‘pay attention to the study‘. This knowledge is available only once, at this time in the cycle. It is a new study, the most elevated study and is being taught by God Himself. He is also accessible to us directly only at this time- as our Father, Teacher and Guru.

The education we obtain in schools and colleges are limited in that it helps us earn an income in this one birth only. The spiritual study Baba teaches us in unlimited in that, we take that as our sanskars (traits) with us for at least half the cycle i.e. for may births. While the aim with our physical degrees might be to become a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer etc., the aim with God’s study is the highest on high – it is to become a divine human being. It impacts my very character, my quality of living right from my thoughts to words to my actions.

If I don’t study well now when I have the chance, I impact my well-being not just for this current birth but for the rest of the cycle. This is a special time – I can see and understand the contrast between the old and the new, the night and day, hell and heaven. Living in this old, impure world, I am studying for the new, pure world. I can see the old behaviors, the impurities right in front of my eyes everyday and yet, my education is about remaining unaffected by them and preparing myself for the new world. It is like the Lotus that grows in the swamp and yet its leaves remain untouched by the dirt.

And that is both the beauty and the challenge of our study. I have to live in midst of impurity to appreciate purity, I have to pass through the false to be able to appreciate truth. I see everything but learn to not see i.e. not consume it and let it affect me, I am inundated with sound, by words but I decide what I take in. I am understanding when I see my friends and relatives behave and think a certain way – I see where they are coming from, I understand the influences they are under but I hold myself responsible to demonstrate a different way of thinking and being. One that reflects the new world I am ushering in and I inspire my community to join me.

It is an extremely rewarding study but also one where it is extremely easy to slip right back in to the old world with all its temptations, pomp, glitter. And so Baba cautions, ‘pay attention to your study‘ all through the day. Its an attitude, a lifestyle rather than a class I take for an hour each morning. It is something that no one else, not even God will grade me on..only I will based on the quality of my life.

How much do I value myself? Am I more invested in the short term -doing the things that may help me earn for this one life or am I a far-sighted investor who is in it for the long haul? If it is the latter, then let me examine where and how I am investing my time, my attention, my thoughts. Let me work toward striking that balance between shouldering my responsibilities that come with living in this world…with my preparation for bringing in the new world.

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