Self transformation leads to world transformation

Baba says, ‘you are the world transformers‘. He comes at this auspicious confluence age to fulfill the task of world transformation. But He cannot do it alone, He needs the help of His children. Baba says, ‘you are my friends, my companions‘.

Baba reminds us that for the first half of the cycle, we were naturally soul conscious and so our thoughts, words and actions were pure. Peace was our only religion, everyone respected themselves and others. It was the land of happiness, the Golden Age. Then at the middle of the cycle, we started to forget that we are souls and slipped into body consciousness. With that came all the labels, masks, ups and downs etc. The world once again reflected this consciousness back – it became the land of sorrow, the Iron Age.

Now, once again, Baba comes to remind His children of who we really are- souls, divine beings. He comes to teach us the truth so we can discern right from wrong, real from fake. With the knowledge and His companionship, we break free from the labels and all the other shackles of body consciousness and shift back into soul consciousness. When we do that, the world will once again reflect that back, in other words, we will once again usher in the Golden Age.

Self transformation leads to world transformation.

Baba’s children often ask, what new thing should we do or how can we take service to the next level? Considering our goal is world transformation, the new thing we need to do is to bring newness within us. When I (the soul) become new, the world becomes new. What old sanskar (trait) do I have within me that I can transform this day/week/month/year? What new relationship can I experience with God- maybe He’s my Companion but have I made Him my child yet?

The closer I come to God through having all relationships with Him, the better I understand my own self. I also feel stronger and more confident to bring about transformation within myself because the closeness enables me to feel His presence in my life more along with His help and support.

In terms of service, we think perhaps we need to organize big programs, invite lots of VIPs, give lectures and talks, conduct workshops etc. But Baba says, ‘if you want to take service to the next level, you only have to take your stage to the next level‘. When I continue to shift more and more away from the consciousness of the body and into that of the soul, I come into my own, touch base with my own truth and destiny. My inner stage of self-respect improves and when I learn to respect myself, I respect others. My very existence becomes a service to the world as I radiate love, respect, kindness, happiness and purity.

If I want to change the world, I don’t have to look far or depend on anyone else. I simply have to change myself. He is counting on me to do it.

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