Don’t be a pundit, be an authority of experience

Baba says, ‘imbibe the knowledge yourself first before you teach others‘. If you teach without first being that yourself, it is as of you are a pundit.

Baba says, if you have first experienced the point of knowledge you are teaching others, then the arrow will reach its target. If not, your words will lack the force or the authority of experience and those who you are teaching may not feel the tug.

When you don’t experience the points of knowledge and simply recite them like a pundit, after a point, you will lose interest in the study and may even leave. It is experience which sustains the soul, that keeps it wanting more. When the soul stops experiencing the spiritual knowledge, stops experiencing the companionship of God, it is drawn to the experiences it had before coming to Baba. It remembers the worldly relationships and the experiences it had there and falls back to them. And so Baba says, experience every point of knowledge and become the authority of experience.

While there may be many different authorities, none is greater than the authority of experience. Once you’ve tasted sugar, you know it is sweet. Then no matter how many people try to convince you that sugar is bitter, you will not be shaken. You have the authority or the power of experience. Similarly, when you apply a point of knowledge in your practical life and see it work, you won’t be shaken or trapped.

Maya preys on pundits, says Baba. Those whom they teach go ahead while they themselves get left behind. There is the story of the poor milk maid who used to bring milk to a pundit from the other side of the river. She had to rely on the boatman to take her across in his boat and he was often late. She sought the pundit’s advice as he was a learned man, well versed in the scriptures. All she had to do was chant the name of God, he said, and she would be able to walk across the water. She took the advice to heart and the next day, she chanted God’s name and sure enough, was able to walk across the river. A few days later when the pundit needed to cross the river, he waited for the boat. The woman upon seeing this was surprised and asked him why he didn’t heed his own advice as it had worked for her. The pundit was dumbstruck but when he saw her cross the river with his own eyes, he followed her into the water but drowned.

Baba asks, do you have faith in the One that is teaching you and in His knowledge? If so, you will imbibe it and then teach it to others too. Everyone likes an honest soul, says Baba. Honesty attracts souls and wins their faith and trust. If your words and actions don’t match, souls will be confused and disillusioned.

At this point in the cycle, with so much peacelessness and unhappiness in the world, words no longer inspire, says Baba, souls crave experience. There are enough pundits, what the world needs right now are authorities of experience.

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