Share the knowledge

Baba says, ‘study well and then share the knowledge with others‘. When I share with others, the primary beneficiary is myself.

Baba gives us many tactics to help us move forward spiritually. One of the main ones is to share the knowledge we learn with others. There are different ways to do this:

(1) By speaking the knowledge to others: this is the most obvious way to impart knowledge. Most students are able to both give the course and many are able to also give lectures, conduct workshops, explain at the museum or at exhibitions.

The more I explain, the more clarity it drives within me. Often times, there are questions from the listeners and answering them also helps me further my own understanding. These opportunities also force me to churn the knowledge constantly so as to come up with new ways of explaining a topic or new examples. The more I churn, I more I learn myself. It also refreshes me and makes me feel happy.

(2) By serving alongside others: When I serve alongside others in a task or activity, my qualities which I have cultivated as a result of my understanding of the knowledge comes into play. They inspire others to learn what I have learnt so they can improve their own ways – maybe they want to develop more restraint, more team spirit, power of tolerance, ability to let go etc. When I donate these qualities through my way of being to others, I am in fact donating or sharing the knowledge.

(3) By serving through the mind: Baba says, if you are unable to share verbally or through activity, you can still share through the mind. By radiating pure wishes and feelings through my mind, my being from wherever I am to the world, I am serving. Souls, even far away are able to experience a sense of calm, strength and love. People who interact with me feel the purity in my thoughts, words and actions.

The more I share the happier I become, the more I learn and bigger the role I play in transforming myself and the world. And the good news is, unlike material things, the more I give, the more I receive. This is why knowledge is called the source of income- it helps me understand, realize and become. It helps me position myself for success by shaping my very character and personality.

And there isn’t a quicker way to get there than by sharing what I learn with others.

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