The Father’s companions

Baba says, ‘I have come to meet my eternal companions‘. My children are my companions, my helpers because they are very loving. Because my children are so loving, the Father cannot do any task without His children and the children cannot do any task without the Father.

The unbreakable bond that ties the Father and the children together is love, not just for one birth…but forever. We might wonder..’but what about when I forget Baba?’ or ‘what about those children that don’t believe in Him?’. He loves us all, not matter what, unconditionally. We forget Him for half the cycle when we fall into body consciousness…this is a fact that He knows about including that it will repeat every cycle. He still loves us, He still comes back for us every time. He is God and He is our Father.

Let me always know and remember that I am never alone and that I belong to the Highest on High, to the Ever Pure, to the Almighty. That’s who my Father is and He is proud of me always. I don’t have to prove myself or earn His love. He loves me not because He needs to or because He is merciful. He loves me because I am lovable, because I am His child and have His qualities. I might not see it within me always but they are there and with His company, I see them emerge.

Baba says, ‘you are my companions’. A companion is someone who fulfills companionship in every step, every thought and every word. When I follow my Father in every step, thought and word, I become His true and constant companion. As I follow Him more and more, my every step, thought and word automatically becomes equal to His. Then I will no longer have the question of ‘should I think this or do this or say this?’ My every step will naturally follow in the Father’s footsteps.

For such true companions, Baba says, in their mind, intellect and heart, there is nothing else but the feeling of ‘I am the Father’s and the Father is mine‘. In their intellect is the firm belief that all of the Father’s treasures are my inheritance. When I am merged in the remembrance of the Father in this way, my awareness and my action are automatically elevated.

In bhakti (devotion), devotees show their love for God in various, extreme ways. Hanuman is shown as having opened his chest to show that He only had God in his heart. Baba says, you don’t do that here. When anyone sees you children, they automatically experience who is in your heart, they know it is Me…their Father.

Turns out, all I need to do to reveal my Father, to introduce my brothers and sisters to Him…is simply love Him, remember Him. I can do that…

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