The tale of two heavens

Baba says, ‘beware of the pomp of Maya‘. Baba comes to create heaven. He comes at a time when Maya has created her own heaven. There is a lot of difference between the two. Both versions of heaven are for the eligible only, the criteria differs.

In Maya’s version, the criteria is money. It is heaven for the rich and hell for the poor. If you aren’t rich by birth, you have to figure out a way to be rich- it doesn’t matter if you get there by studying and getting a job or if you win the lottery or if you start a business or rob a bank. Maybe you even have to kill your brother or father to get the money! Once you are rich, then it is all about being seen in all the right places with the right people and getting their approval – that makes you legit.

Yes, there can be consequences for ‘wrong-doing’ – depends on the rules, who set them and if anyone can prove anything.

If you happen to also be talented – maybe you are a subject matter expert or a good speaker or writer or singer etc, then you should make the effort to showcase your talent so you can win fame and money off it. Or maybe you happen to live somewhere where the land is valuable, that gives you importance.

Once you’ve figured out the rich part, there’s so much to do and see- bright lights, movies, theme parks, architecture….there is nothing science and engineering cannot get us. Hey, you can even buy animals and birds as pets, then sell them…whatever you want to do, as long as you can afford it. You can and it is recommended that you buy all kinds of clothes, jewelry, homes, cars and SO much more – it makes you stand out more.

Yes, people fall sick all the time- there are all kinds of illnesses, germs, viruses- its hard to keep up. People get paid to find a cure for all of them…its a profession. Whn you fall sick, you better have…you got it, money, to feel better. People die untimely deaths- little kinds die, are born with illnesses or handicaps.

Its also fashionable to donate- to the poor because remember in this version of ‘heaven’, there are both rich and poor. There is sorrow and happiness, ups and downs. People give other people money or clothes or whatever to help out.

In Baba’s version, the criteria is purity and divine sanskars. It’s more to do with amassing wealth inside myself than outside. It’s about myself – the soul- with the jewels of knowledge which makes me a mature, self-respecting soul. It gets me in touch with my own truth and the realization that all I need is within me. That peace, love and happiness are my birth-right. In Baba’s heaven everyone is equal. It is heaven for everyone. There is no rich and poor, everyone has enough, everyone is content.There is no trace of sorrow, no one even knows what it is.

No one has to sell their talent or anything to make money…it is not the currency that is in shortage or that anyone cares about. People simply appreciate each other. Everyone has something they do, they enjoy and they do it for that reason.

No one kills anyone, it is a atmosphere of pure, unadulterated love and peace. Therefore, there is no need for law-makers or enforcers. Everyone follows the natural laws of the soul. No one has animals for pets, everyone lives in their natural habitat, nature is pure and bountiful too, a reflection of the purity of human consciousness. There are no germs or viruses etc. No one falls sick because everyone is pure, eats pure, lives pure – there is nothing that can make the soul or the body sick.

Yes, there are lights, entertainment that enriches the soul and all the things that one might need to lead a comfortable life. But the difference is no one is dependent on things and they certainly don’t value them higher than each other.

Its quite different. One is real because it is based on the truth and the other is clearly false, it is just the pomp of Maya. Which one do I want to be part of? If it is the false, it is already here. If it is the real, then I need to join hands with God to create it for me and my brothers.

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