The gateway to paradise

Baba says, ‘you are at the gateway to paradise‘. The Confluence Age is the confluence of the old world and the new world, of hell and heaven. Only Baba’s children know of the confluence age and recognize what is on either side of it.

Do you see the trees of paradise yet?, asks Baba. You are so close, you should be able to see it and feel it, He says. Well, that depends on what I spend time thinking about.

In Bhakti, the great devotees had visions of their deity whom they considered God. For example, Meera had visions of Krishna, as did Kanakadasa, Surdas and Prahlad. They are known for their intense devotion – they spent their days thinking about, speaking about, singing about and doing everything in remembrance of God. Meera was so lost in love of Krishna, she used to dance with him, talk to him and wait for him. In other words, it was as if she gave herself visions of the one she loved as a result of her intense focus.

Even the lovers who have been immortalized in folklore, like Leila and Majnu or Romeo and Juliet were so immersed in each other that they dreamt about each other, that was their life, nothing else in the world mattered.

Baba says, where the mind goes, the energy flows.

In order to see and experience the new world, I have to spend time thinking about the new world. Baba tells me stories about that world every morning – it is paradise, where there is no sign of sorrow. Where peace is the only religion and everyone respects everyone. There is happiness and prosperity for all, everyone lives in abundance. The weather is Spring all yearlong, anyone can go anywhere in the world in their private viman (plane) with a press of a button. Palaces are bejeweled and there are rivers of milk and honey. There is music and the arts and love everywhere.

He says, spin the cycle, see yourself in your golden-aged form. When I do this exercise of the mind everyday and throughout the day, I start to get a taste of how life is in that world. How would souls think, speak and behave? What would their attitude be like to each other and toward nature? The more I taste it, the more I want it and naturally inculcate into my life. When I do, I become that. When I become that is when I am able to step through the gateway and into the paradise I help create.

Instead if I allow myself to be constantly pulled by the mundane things of this old world, by it’s dramas, lured by the traps of name, fame and hollow respect, then I will find myself thinking, speaking and behaving like people in the old world. I will continue to worry about my place in the world, if I have enough, about who is better than me, how far up the ladder I need to go, about who is good to me and who is not, dwell on grudges and all the boring, depressing rest.

It is up to me to decide which side of the confluence I want to be on. What do I want to experience and be part of? God is pointing me to paradise and my lost inheritance and Ravan is trying to drag me back to the old world. And the decision I make not only affects me in this cycle but is one I will make every cycle.

So let me choose wisely, let me choose paradise. Then give my energy and focus to it and step through the gateway.

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