Remember to be happy

Baba says, ‘remembrance is the key to happiness‘. We have so many things happening on any given day that it is easy to forget why I am here and why I am doing what I am doing.

At the end of the day, it can just feel like a big blur, as if the hours just whizzed by. I then look back on the day and feel good if I managed to check things off my to-do list, if I won accolades or praise for something I did well, had a good conversation with someone etc. I feel not so good if perhaps the day just got away from me and I wasn’t able to do all that I wanted to, had to work with someone that perhaps didn’t measure up to my expectations or maybe I just didn’t find that spark of inspiration.

That feeling of goodness or even happiness we find is temporary at best, because it is based on the external- what I was able to do, whom I met, what someone else said. Baba says, permanent happiness comes from touching base with my truth- who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. Remember that throughout the day, He says.

I am a peaceful soul, a child of God. I am here His helper in the task of world transformation. I contribute to the task through my own transformation and by inspiring others to do the same. For half the cycle, I have been used to operating under the influence of body consciousness where everything is limited – my identity is limited by what I do, where I live, my gender, my nationality, my bank balance. My self-respect is dependent on whether others respect me. My dignity is routinely compromised by situations in the Drama that manage to turn my life upside down in a moment.

Baba says, depending on or loving anything temporary or perishable will only bring sorrow. Happiness comes from loving that which is imperishable. I, the soul am imperishable. Baba, my Father, is imperishable. His knowledge is the Truth and is imperishable. If I spend my time remembering these truths, I will be happy.

He says, practice considering yourself a soul and seeing everyone else as a soul. When you speak with someone think, I am speaking with my brother soul. That will shift attitudes and therefore the way I handle that interaction. Remember Me throughout the day, have a spiritual chit-chat with Me in the early morning hours during meditation and then by taking a few minutes throughout the day. Whenever you perform a task, remember Who has given you that task. Listen to and follow the Satguru’s directions and remembrance will become natural, He says. You even write down the points of knowledge so you can remember better. Carry it with you and remember whenever you have a few minutes throughout the day.

The soul is only happy when it is in touch with its truth, when it finds the One it belongs to, when it feels a sense of purpose and meaning. Let me remember to take time to touch base, let me not get so lost in the day to day, in the mundane that I forget about this special time. I am in the companionship of God Himself, He has reminded me of who I am and chosen me to be His helper in the greatest task in history.

Happiness is not just an outcome but also a pre-requisite to serve. If I am sorrowful because I have let the events in the Drama affect me or too busy doing ‘stuff’ to look up, then its as if I have shut myself down to possibilities, new learnings, God’s company. I have to feel light and happy to be able to open my mind to the day and all it offers me.

So, let me learn to be happy. It’s my spiritual birthright and it’s how I move forward.

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