My family

Baba says, ‘this is a family‘. And not, just any family. This is God’s family. All are His children. There isn’t another family that is larger than this family, He adds.

I love every last child of this family- they recognized Me, that itself is no mean feat, He says. Yes, each has their own sanskars that also makes them unique. Some of those sanskars may not be sweet, but the soul still is. Every morning in the blessing, I say, my sweet, sweet children…I don’t say, my sweet and sour children, do I? asks Baba. And it’s not because I can’t but because I genuinely feel every child to be my sweet child.

Can you do the same, He asks?

More often than not, we complain to Baba about each other’s behavior. ‘Baba, I wouldn’t be angry if not for her unacceptable behavior..’, ‘Baba, I wouldn’t have done this had he not acted the way he did’..etc. Baba says, when you have an easy nature, you have the ability to become the embodiment of solutions rather than the problem. An easy nature and an attitude that sees the good in others are the ways to sustain onself and others, He says.

Such a nature and attitude comes with faith. Faith in oneself and in the goodness of the family.

Most of us have unshakable faith in Baba, no problem. But when it comes to the self, many of us fluctuate. We forget who we are and believe the lies the world tells us about ourself. We look at how we were assessed for our performance on a project or what so and so thinks of us as who we truly are. Baba says, I give you so many titles of self-respect…why don’t you remember them? If I were to remember all the titles I have been given and by Whom, I would be so proud and happy. And I would be remembering the truth about me too. You are a child of God, with the right to self-sovereignty and self-respect.

Next, is faith in the family. This is no ordinary family but instead the family of those elevated souls that have recognized God. We share the same Father! We share His virtues albeit at different levels…but we do. We are all brother souls in love with our Father and His task, rather than with who is right vs. wrong.

When I have the faith in myself i.e. KNOW deeply who I am, I approach things with confidence, with a fullness, without any needs or expectations of my own. I am then not shaken by the other’s behavior. And when I have the firm faith in the basic goodness of the family i.e. remember that this is also God’s child, my brother soul, then I learn to let go, learn to be benevolent, to uplift as opposed to reject.

By saying ‘my Baba’, you made Me and everything that is Mine, yours. This is My family…isn’t this family yours too?, He asks.

My part in this task of world transformation is to inspire other souls through my own transformation. Souls are looking for an experience, not hollow words. They look at how I behave, more than listen to what I say. If they hear me speak lofty words but see that I barely get along with others, that puts them off. Instead when they see patience, mercy and compassion, when they see acceptance and understanding, when they see genuine spiritual love…they are automatically drawn in, attracted to the Father’s virtues. Then, they too learn about their Father and become the rightful heir to their inheritance.

Let me check today. Is it just ‘my Baba’ or is it also ‘my family’?

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