Body consciousness is meaningless

Baba says, ‘there is meaning in everything you say‘. The basis for that, He says, is soul consciousness.

For half a cycle, I was soul conscious and everything I thought, said or did was elevated, full of meaning and significance. Then for the second half of the cycle, I feel prey to the vices, forgot who I am and started to identify myself as the body. And then, everything went topsy turvy.

When my foundation is wrong or false, everything that stands on it is bound to be false too. When I, the soul, the sentient being start of think of myself as matter, it is as if I, the driver of the car am thinking of myself as the car. That’s completely false and meaningless. As a consequence of this one false belief, I start to pay attention to every single scratch on the car and cry over it because I now believe it is a scratch on me. When someone does not appreciate the car, I take that as they don’t appreciate me. They speak highly of a different car and I feel jealous. I completely forego my self-respect because I have a false sense of what the self is.

Baba says, ‘remember who you are‘.

Because I think of myself as the body, my thoughts, words and actions are according to that identity. They are ordinary, wasteful and negative. And that makes I, the soul, the elevated being, the child of God, extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know why because I am too steeped in my false identity to recognize the falseness of it but I don’t experience contentment or fulfillment. It is a sense of dis-ease. My actions make me, the soul, cringe even as I find a way to justify them. I adopt a way of living which involves largely tackling and hustling that is in stark misalignment with the intrinsic values of the soul. I therefore stop respecting myself.

Instead, I stagger over to the temples and churches and the synagogues and bow my head and pray. I ask for forgiveness although I don’t have clarity of the wrong I have committed. With no respect, no grounding of truth and head bowed down always- in front of deities, saints, gurus, people in positions of authority….I am mired in shame, regret and experience a sense of perpetual disheartenment.

Baba says, ‘I am here now, I tell you the truth of who you are, Whom you belong to and your elevated destiny. The cult of bhakti now comes to an end‘.

In Amritvela, He says, lock up all your thoughts and simply remember Me with a lot of love. Speak to Me, relate to Me. Coming close to my Father, my only reference point, brings me closer to recognizing and realizing myself. Let me approach Him with confidence and love, let me spend time in His company and let me allow myself to be re-introduced to myself. You’d be surprised at what you learn about your own greatness.

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