Consider yourself a soul

Baba says, ‘you can only have real love for Me when you consider yourself a soul‘. I can only recognize another soul when I first consider myself a soul. If I consider myself to be a body, then I only see other bodies and Baba does not have a body.

When I consider myself a soul, I am in the essence. I am connected to my truth and to God. That’s really all I want or need. The soul was separated from The Father for the whole cycle, now it has be reunited with Him. This is the celebration of the great confluence – of the soul and The Supreme Soul.

When I consider myself the body, I come in expansion. Not just expansion but falsehood. My very foundation is false…no wonder I live life in anxiety and fear. Any little thing can shake me, make me angry or hurt. I am often not even body conscious but rather ego conscious or role conscious. I think of myself as the role I am playing at any given time- I am a mother, a father, a sibling, an engineer, a boss, a friend etc. and I get engrossed in the various situations – good or bad, fighting my way through life to simply survive.

Unless I consider myself a soul, it doesn’t matter what my bank balance might be or what my social status is, I simply cannot thrive…..just survive. Chances are, until I become soul conscious, I don’t even know what it means to thrive.

Baba says, ‘forget this old world. It is coming to an end. I am here to create the new world‘. It is not that He creates a whole different world somewhere else. Creation, He clarifies, means transformation – from a jungle of thorns to a garden of flowers, from hell into heaven. He invites me to help Him in this task of transformation.

It starts with staying soul conscious.

Do I still get pulled by the gravity of the old world? Do I still feel a need to compete, compare, judge, seek approval, win? Do I still consider the false and temporary things of this world as ‘mine’? No wonder you are sorrowful, He says. How can you love that which is temporary and expect to be happy? By its very nature, it is false, fleeting. The only things that are permanent are the soul and The Supreme Soul. When I learn to see myself and others as souls, I start to build relationships based on love rather than attachment. I don’t consider others as extensions of myself and expect the impossible.

I learn to accept myself and therefore others. I no longer shame or reject myself but rather learn to step into my original truth, I learn to respect myself. I learn to see the full journey, spin the full cycle rather than focus on just the last few isolated scenes and dislike the whole story. And because I have accepted myself, I also accept others.

God is permanent too. He is also the only One who is constantly in self-realization, He never forgets. He is therefore my only reference point for my transformation. He is the Ocean of Love and Mercy. He is here now and He says, ‘you are my sweet, long lost and now found child’. That love is the alchemy that heals and transforms.

Am I experiencing His love? For that I need to be honest. And honesty begins with being who I really am- a soul.

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