Raising my anchor

Baba says, ‘your feet are no longer in this old world, your anchor has been raised‘. Here, the feet represent the intellect. Let me check today, is my intellect removed from this old world?

For most of us, we have one foot still in the old and one foot in the new world. Baba says, that is dangerous. You will fall in the middle. You have been living in the old world for half a cycle and it is only gotten older and dirtier. This is why you called out to me to come and liberate you from this sorrowful world. I have come now…so why do you insist on staying in the old world?, He asks.

In the old world, people rule over other people. Everyone judges everyone else. Everyone criticizes everyone else. We call this ‘freedom’ or ‘equality’. There is comparison, competition and the unspoken rule is – survival of the fittest. We call this ‘capitalism’.

Baba created a very different world, one where we were truly free- free from win vs. lose, up vs. down. There was no race to get anywhere or come first or win. We weren’t encouraged to be ‘driven’ or have the ‘killer instinct’. Everyone just naturally respected everyone for who they were, what they did. There was no need or want to race or compare. Each one performed their roles and everyone was happy.

Peace was the only religion in the land- the inner religion of the soul that manifested itself in the world outside. There were no debates or arguments and certainly no wars over who God is or how someone should pray or not. There was no need for gurus or false gods or rituals. In short, there was no bhakti. Everyone was soul conscious- aware of their own truth and operated on the basis of that truth, that divinity.

We hear this every morning from Baba and we move one foot forward but the other is still stuck. I am usually stuck either battling my own sanskars or caught in disbelief about someone else’s. Both are a waste of precious time and energy, says Baba. I hear about the new world, about His vision for me, how I need to be to live in the new world and then look at my current state. ‘This must not be for me…’, ‘Baba, you don’t know what I’m like…’, ‘I am no good…’ are just some of the whip lashes we subject ourselves too. The half a cycle of bhakti has instilled in us a culture of shame, rejection and false repentance. Baba says, ‘you are my child’ but we hear it and go back to believing that we are no good.

The extroversion that comes with being body conscious pulls me away from my self-respect. I assess myself based on what others think of me as opposed to what God thinks of me. He says, ‘be introspective’. In that inner space of silence, let me touch base with my original self and practice being in that awareness. That is my truth, my current state is just a moment in time…

Something else body consciousness gets us to be is egotistic – ‘ I don’t believe she did that or said that…’, ‘well, there you go…’. Let me not judge others for they too are on a journey like me. Let me connect with my truth, with my Father and inspire transformation. If I am judging and critical, I am no better than anyone else.

Baba says, ‘your anchor has been raised‘. Let me lift that other foot stuck in the mud of this old world, let me pull away from the gravity of extroversion and move inward. That is where my truth is, that is where I meet God, that is where the alchemy of His love makes transformation happen.

Then, we set sail together to the new world…

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