Apply a full-stop

Baba says, ‘increase your controlling power‘. This is a power that you will need in order to pass with honors, He says.

The soul is energy that manifests itself as the mind when it creates thoughts, as the intellect when it discerns thoughts and as the sanskars which are habits. I, the soul am the creator of my thoughts and am also the one who decides which thoughts to act on and which ones to let go.

But most of the time, it doesn’t feel that way. It’s hard to believe that I am the creator, that the mind is one of my subtle organs that I get to control. Instead, it feels as though the mind controls me – it’s hard to stop the incessant chain of thoughts. I try but the intellect wanders rather than discern right from wrong and so the mind continues un-tethered. That results in me acting on the wrong thoughts and when I do that enough times, I create a bad habit. It is like a game of soccer where the goalkeeper (the intellect) has gone to sleep and so there is no one watching as the balls (thoughts) keep flying into the net.

Baba says, you have to learn to control your mind. Remember that you are the master, not the other way around. If I cannot control my own mind, what makes me think I can control anyone or anything else? He says, you have signed up to be the world transformer and that starts with transforming your own self.

Give yourself the tilak of self-sovereignty‘, He says.

I do that by practicing applying a dot. Most of the time, He says, when you try to apply the dot, it stretches to become a long line or it becomes a question mark or it becomes an exclamation mark. A situation comes and we start to analyze, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘never did I imagine that this too could happen!’, ‘can you believe this?!’, ‘I always knew it, if I only had done it like that, maybe what he could have done…’. I am either questioning the Drama, surprised by the Drama or caught up in it.

My time and thoughts are valuable treasures that once lost can never be got back.

When I apply anything else but a full-stop, I waste these precious treasures- it’s time I cannot get back, precious energy that I could have used on a worthwhile task, spiritual power that was wasted rather than used. Baba says, always remember that the way to accumulate is to apply the dot and everything else leads to wastage.

You are a dot…remain situated in that stage, remember The Dot and apply the dot. This is the great spiritual practice that you will need over a long time to pass with honors. And it indeed requires practice, not something I can get through attending workshops or lectures. It requires a determined thought- I don’t want useless things in my life anymore. Let me be attentive about how I feel- if I notice my mind wandering or if I notice my happiness getting low, let me check what is getting in the way?

The soul has finally been reacquainted with itself and it’s Beloved. It wants nor needs anything more, it is finally fulfilled and content. And yet, if I see that something is stealing that away from me, let me nip it in the bud, let me apply a full-stop. Nothing is worth losing what I have.

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