Consider yourself a student

Baba says, ‘consider yourself a student‘. Many children don’t consider themselves to be students, He says. They don’t study.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle. He finds us completely lost and wandering having forgotten who we are or Whom we belong to. He comes and introduces Himself as my Father and He reminds me of who I am. His loves heals and the soul learns to slowly stand on its own feet again.

He is also my Supreme Teacher. He reveals to me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the Drama. He talks to me about the world as it was originally and tells me the story of how falling prey to the vices led me and thereby the world to the current state – He teaches me the history and geography of the world.

Do I really listen?

Many of us hear what Baba tells us but we don’t really listen. Every word in the Murli is worth multi-millionfold, He says. Do I listen to it with that much attention and respect? Do I listen to it with the mindset that He is speaking to me personally? or do I hear it as if I am one of many listening to a speech? In every sentence, He is telling me directly about me. He is telling me why I am feeling the way I am feeling and what I need to do to recover. He is telling me about who my friends are and who my worst enemies (Ravan and Maya) are- am I listening? If I am, then I wouldn’t go right back to my enemies after the Murli…

He teaches me about the different forms of Maya and how to spot her from a distance so I can shoo her away. He tells me about how Ravan tricks innocent souls into believing that the vices are the way to ‘make it’ in this world. He tells me about the difference between love and attachment, ego and…well, me.

I teach you new things everyday’, He says. ‘Don’t miss a single class because you never know what new points there might be’. He isn’t just talking being physically present in class – often times I could be present physically and yet, be completely absent mentally. That’s when I say- ‘Baba teaches the same thing everyday, I know it, I’ve heard it a million times’.

This is a short window of time during which God Himself comes and becomes my Teacher. The first thing He does when He comes is in fact setting up school so He can teach His children. I come to learn the way back to my truth, I come to learn the pilgrimage of remembrance. It took me a long time to descend to my current state, I have to chart my return in a fraction of that time, in this short confluence age.

It is said that it doesn’t take long for God to transform humans to angels, to divine beings.

That applies to students who study hard, not to everyone. Just because I have come to Baba doesn’t mean my work is done. It means my work has begun. He is here to show me the way back, He won’t and can’t take the journey for me – only I can and will need to do that. He can and wants to be my Companion on that journey but I need to put the step forward. I can’t do it unless I study.

Don’t think that everything will happen when the time comes and sit back. Don’t think that things will become okay when the situation passes or when others change. Is time your teacher or am I your Teacher, He asks. If you rely on time and others to change, then you don’t gain spiritual power- that comes when you make the effort and make change happen.

You called me to liberate you from the sorrow and suffering. I have come now – through the knowledge and the pilgrimage of remembrance, you attain liberation and liberation-in-life, He says. Am I present and listening?

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