Bestower of happiness

Baba says, ‘be a bestower of happiness and a remover of sorrow‘. I am The Bestower of Happiness and Remover of Sorrow. As my child, you should be the same, He says.

At this time, the entire world is immersed in sorrow. There is peacelessness and discontentment everywhere. Souls are wandering lost and desperate for even just a moment of peace and happiness. Brothers are fighting amongst themselves. Children don’t stop from killing their own parents for a little money. It is Ravan’s world.

At such a time, you have to become a beacon of light, showing souls the way back home. You have to bestow happiness.

I can only do that if I am not still entangled in my own drama, in my own petty things or desires. You need to move on from thinking just about yourself and your little world, says The Father. Think about your brothers and sisters. They too have a right to the inheritance, you have to show them the way. That comes from giving them an experience of peace, of love, of contentment. They have heard enough speeches, enough promises..they are exhausted of the lies. They want to experience the truth.

Now, become the bestower.

Sometimes we think that we are okay because we didn’t give sorrow to anyone. I didn’t hurt anyone today through my words or actions, I did okay. Baba says, ‘just because you didn’t give sorrow doesn’t mean your work is done. Did you give happiness?‘ Unless you give, you are not serving. Unless you serve, you don’t accumulate blessings that do the work of moving you forward on your journey, He teaches.

Did you listen to someone today? did you lend someone a hand even though you were busy? did you give someone kudos for trying? did you create a spiritual atmosphere with benevolent thoughts and attitude?

Let me check today. Am I still absorbed in my self or am I ready to serve? Am I still caught up in my own desires? Do I feel responsible only for myself and my family or do I consider the world to be my family?

It is time to move from limited thinking to the unlimited, says Baba. It is time now to be a bestower.

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