Old to new in one second

Baba says, ‘this is the time when the old becomes new again‘. This is a matter of understanding.

When the world was new, it was beautiful. Souls were happy, peace was the religion. Slowly, it got old, as all new things do. It reflected the oldness of the souls that inhabited it. As we forgot who we are, we fell prey to Ravan (the vices) and believed that this is the way to be.

It took Ravan a whole cycle to pull you down from your original pure state to the depths of impurity and ignorance, He says. In contrast, it takes you just a second to return back to your original self. That is because I have God to help me on this return journey.

He is the Almighty Authority, He mere remembrance purifies the soul, removes the alloy and returns me to pure gold. I take the pilgrimage of remembrance with God as my Guide.

Along the way, He tells me the story of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He tells me about my true self, how I lost my inheritance and talks to me about how I can claim it back. As we keep moving forward, I sometimes stumble and fall. He picks me up. It’s okay, He says, you’ll learn to walk soon. I’m used to a different road, I tell Him. Look there…they are celebrating a success that should have belonged to me. That was my dream, can You help me? Then, I look over to the right and see someone else and say, ‘I wish I was like her. She has it going on…’.

Even as I continue to be distracted by my old sanskars, by the scenes in the Drama, He stays with me. He keeps pointing forward…no, this is not it, He says. Your destiny is much bigger. He repeats the story of the cycle again, and again, and again, tells it many different ways, describes to me how elevated I am. He keeps encouraging me to look inside, what you seek is in there, look inward, He says.

Sometimes, I listen, sometimes…not so much. But He doesn’t give up. He is my Father, my Teacher, my Guru…my eternal Companion. He doesn’t judge, He doesn’t question, He simply understands and accepts. That unconditional acceptance, that love becomes the alchemy that tugs at the soul and wins it over. That love transforms the soul. That purity is so strong that the soul, despite the layers and layers of old sanskars blocking it’s view, recognizes it as that which it had been seeking for so long. I know You.

Then, slowly, I acknowledge – I am also like You. All of this…this pilgrimage, as I am on it feels long, hard, but actually…it’s just a second. I and your destiny are just one thought away, He says. All you have to do is remember.

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