It’s time to return home

Baba says, ‘it is time to return home‘. Everyone will return home, there are just a few more days left.

The Home is the world of peace and this is a world of sorrow. Now, the cycle comes to an end and it is now time to return from extreme peacelessness to complete peace. This is a matter of understanding, says Baba. Everyone will go back home. Here, there is a lot of chaos. You are peaceful when listening to the Murli in the morning but as soon as you leave here and step into the world, your intellect gets caught up in jobs, roles, what he said/she said and you forget what you listened to.

You become peaceless. Then you take that to your interactions and radiate it into the atmosphere.

You are now claiming your inheritance to become the master of the pure world. Purity starts with a purity of intention. Every thought, word and action – is it serving or is it selfish? Is it motivated by what’s good for everyone involved, for the world or is it motivated by what’s good for me even at the expense of others?

Baba comes to teach me the right way to do things again – when I follow His Shrimat, I notice the change, I see the bad habits falling away. I find myself checking my attitude and making changes. The world has to change from the old to the new.

The soul experiences heaviness right now carrying the burden of bad karma. It is like gold that is weighed down by alloy mixed into it. When the alloy melts away, pure gold is very light. The same goes here- when you burn away your sins/bad karma with the fire of remembrance, you become light again.

The Father, the Creator of Heaven, is here. Surely, He will give us what He creates as our inheritance. When I shed the layers, the masks, the conditioning and find my self-respect again, I become the master of heaven. I find peace, happiness, contentment.

For half a cycle, it was the time of bhakti and I lost everything I had to ignorance and blind faith. Now is the time for knowledge, the time to recognize and realize – who am I? Whom do I belong to? What am I here to do? what is holding me back from my destiny? and then make the changes I need to make. That transformation is the true repentance that not just helps me but helps the entire world. Wallowing in shame and guilt, performing rituals helps no one.

This knowledge is simple, says Baba. There is no effort- you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t even have to open your mouth to say anything. Simply, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. That will bring you back home to me.

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