It’s time to fly

Baba says, ‘you should have a flying stage‘. Walking or even running can only get you so far. You now have to fly.

Angels fly. People think angels are literally beings with wings that fly around up above. Baba explains that we souls, His children, become the angels when we attain that angelic stage. Our wings are knowledge and remembrance.

To fly, I need more than just wings though. There are birds, for example, that have wings but can’t fly very far or high. They remain on the ground. The thing about these birds is that they are heavy – like the Ostrich. The weight holds them down preventing them from achieving liftoff. Baba says, you carry a lot of burden in your intellect. Give me your burden. Tell Me all that is weighing you down, the mistakes you have made, the sorrow you have caused or that other have caused you. It will make you feel lighter, He says. Let me not get careless and carry the burden of shame or guilt or anger, it does nothing to help me, instead it shuts me down to the love of my Father such that I never heal. We think anger is natural and justified, it is not. If it was, I wouldn’t feel heavy and unhappy. Many think feeling shame and guilt is the way to repent, it is not. True repentance means that I make a deliberate and conscious decision to heal, learn from my mistakes and take care to not repeat them. I become a service to the world.

Some birds have wings, are small enough but still don’t fly- like chickens. They are too domesticated to know they can fly. For half a cycle, I have lived in ignorance having forgotten who I am. I believed I was an ordinary being and spent my time engaged in the mundane, the petty, the routine…eat, drink, sleep, work….rinse and repeat. I followed the rules- thought it was normal to bow my head and prostrate myself before the deities, the priests, the pundits, the boss at work…well, anyone that I perceived as having authority or that I thought I needed to please to get what I need. Baba comes and reminds me of how elevated I am- you are My child, He reminds me. You already have all you need within you…you just forgot. Now, remember, He says.

Then there are other birds – they are the right size, they have wings, they even know they can fly but they are in a cage. When I forgot I am a soul, I thought I am a body – this big expansion of gender, nationality, fame, status, position, role, relationships, possessions. It is almost as if Maya, the trickster, gave me the key to a cage and asked me to check myself in. Since then I’ve spent my days in my narrow cage literally comparing the bars on my cage to the neighbor’s to see if mine are shinier than their’s…..without once thinking, what am I doing here? I called out to God when I felt as if my cage was getting smaller and the suffocation too much to bear. He came and reminded me, ‘don’t you have the key?’

Let me check today, am I one of these birds that cannot fly?

Baba comes and gives me my wings – the knowledge of who I am and the remembrance of Whom I belong to.

In the silence of introspection, let me step inward to situate myself in my own truth. Let me not make the mistake of simply skimming the surface and retreating when I see my defects. No! Let me go deeper and really touch base with my reality, with my elevatedness, the vision that God has of me. Then, let me go upward and connect with my Father. His love is the alchemy that heals wounds, burns the alloy and returns me to my original purity.

Let me, as I go through the day, hold on to or in other words, remember that elevatedness, remain in the awareness of who I am such that my thoughts, words and actions are guided by that truth. Let me be careful to not step into traps or walk into cages.

That’s what angels do. They are always in touch with their own divinity and with their Father. They let go of the old world and its trappings. They are therefore light, untethered and aware…..they are able to fly. They become instruments of His service.

Baba comes and shows me the sky again. He points me to the unlimited and asks, don’t you want to fly?

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