Remain peaceful and donate peace

Baba says, ‘you have to serve through your mind‘. For that, your mind needs to be free.

If my mind is entangled in a hundred different things, then it cannot be an instrument to serve others. The mind is free only when it is situated in the essence, in other words, when I am situated in my truth – that I am a soul, a child of God. Then, I need nothing, I want nothing other than to be connected to my Father. The soul had been separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time- He is here now.

But when I am in the consciousness of the body, my mind is caught up in the expansion. I now wear many masks- my appearance, my gender, my nationality, my status, my bank balance, relationships etc etc. There is a lot that starts with ‘I’ and ‘mine’ that is the gravity that pulls me down and keeps me from connecting with my Father. This is why when I sit down to remember Baba, my mind is immediately flooded with thoughts and I am overcome with feelings.

Baba says, ‘when your mind fluctuates, you can give a course, a lecture or conduct a workshop but you cannot serve‘. For that I need a peaceful mind. Then, I can donate that peace, that calm, that contentment to others. It shows through my face, my eyes, and my attitude.

And so He cautions, ‘take care that you never come into body consciousness‘. What I think, feel and do depends on who I think I am, what I identify with. If that very foundation is false, then is it any wonder that I am peaceless? I will think and feel the wrong thoughts and feelings that will me misaligned with my truth. The soul is disturbed, there is a dis-ease within as I struggle to come to terms with what I am thinking or feeling or doing.

Let me pay attention to how I spend my day. Baba says, ‘when you listen to the Murli each morning, you feel peaceful. The minute you leave and step into the real world, you allow yourself to be pulled by the gravity of body consciousness. If you are not free yourself, how can you be the instrument to serve your brothers and sisters’, He asks.

Throughout the day, every hour, let me take a couple minutes to check the traffic in my mind. What am I thinking about? Let me remind myself of what Baba told me that morning. He says, ‘this knowledge refreshes you‘. Then let me continue with my task with a fresh perspective.

When I interact with others, He says, be in the consciousness of an angel – detached and loving. I offer my opinions but am not attached to them. I am open to a different direction. Yes, there are wrong things said and done and no, I am not ignorant to not notice. ‘What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong’, says Baba, ‘but don’t let it sit in your heart‘. Let me learn this art of being detached such that I can still be loving to all, I can still have good wishes and pure feelings for all. That’s how Baba does it…..He sees everything, He understands all that I do but yet, He reserves judgment, He loves and inspires realization and change.

We think we are helping others by wishing them well but really, we are helping ourselves. By maintaining good wishes and feelings for others, I ensure I am free in my mind to move forward in my own spiritual journey.

Let me use the knowledge He has given me to check what is getting in the way of my peace, my happiness and contentment. Then, let me transform it with determination and faith in the One that is teaching me – ‘I will match your every step with a thousand fold of Mine‘, He says.

There are lots of workshops and conferences that are organized to bring ‘world peace’. God says, I establish peace in the world with the help of you children. When each of you becomes peaceful and can donate that to your brother and your sister, the world becomes peaceful again.

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  1. Nicely penned
    Stay wealthy safe healthy and happy

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