Happy independence day

Baba says, ‘this is the most elevated Confluence age‘. It is at this time that you study to become the most elevated.

At the end of the cycle, I, the soul who was once completely pure have become completely degraded. It’s a consequence of the fact that I forgot who I was about midway through the cycle, fell into the trap of Maya and lost everything I had. It is the classic story of the hero that falls from glory and is imprisoned by the villain after robbing him of all his inheritance.

The key scene in this story, however, is when the hero is approached by his Friend when he is in prison. At first he doesn’t even recognize Him- it’s been so long, he’s so sorrowful and exhausted. But then The Friend helps him remember- remember who you are, He says. You are no ordinary soul, you were a sovereign, this whole world was your home, your family. You know me, I am your Friend, He says. Slowly, he starts to remember….Every day, this Friend comes to him and reminds him of who he is, how elevated he is, his qualities, his sovereignty. He tells him the story of his beginning, middle and most importantly the end.

This does not have to be the end of your story, He says. You have the power within you to break free from this prison. You can take control of your story and decide how you want it to end. You can write your own narrative, He says.

But there is a catch- you have to decide now. You have to make the break now. There is only a short time left before dusk becomes dawn. I won’t be able to help you then, I can only meet you at this great Confluence and help you now. The hero stands up, his legs trembling….he can’t bear the thought of losing his Friend or of foregoing his rightful sovereignty. But he stops and with tears in his eyes says, ‘but I am too weak and weary. And besides, they do feed me here and give me this place to live in as long as I obey and play by the rules…maybe this is good enough’. (side note: isn’t it unbelievable what Maya can do to the psyche of the children of God?)

The Friend does not give up. He reminds the hero again about his sovereignty – the world was heaven, He says. Then, you were free, peace was the only religion and everyone was happy and prosperous. Sorrow was non-existent.

Are you happy here? Are you content?, He asks. No, comes the response. I long to be happy and content but I feel peaceless and fearful inside.

Then, come with Me, He says. And don’t worry about your own strength. For every ounce of your strength, for every step that you take, I will match it with a thousand fold of Mine. Do you have faith in Me? Do you have faith in the One that is teaching you?

That is the pivotal moment in this story, it is the moment before us now, the heroes of our own story. Do I have the faith to put that one step forward toward liberation? That one step, He says, is just one determined thought that I want to be free. That I want to return home. That I want to reclaim my world.

That I want my self-respect back.

Yes, the story could end here…as tragic as it would be….with the hero choosing to remain in the prison of this old world. But wouldn’t it make for a much more interesting story, wouldn’t it be a classic tale for the centuries if I take that step, defeat the villain and reclaim the lost kingdom? Wouldn’t it be great if the story ended with peace, love and happily ever after!?

On this independence day, let me take that step of courage to reclaim my own true independence. Let me usher in a new beginning, a new world.

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