Match your actions with your words

Baba says, ‘your actions should match your words‘. Only then will you be able to claim the full inheritance.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when I am completely bankrupt of self-respect, dignity, purpose or belonging. He comes and reminds me of who I really am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. He tells me the story of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle – this is the very end, He says. Now is the time to reclaim your lost inheritance, your self-sovereignty.

When I reclaim my self-sovereignty, I also return the world to its lost glory. I lost it half way through the cycle to Ravan (the vices), now I help God Himself to return it to its original state.

He describes it to me – when the world was new, you were free. Peace was the only religion, happiness and prosperity was everywhere and sorrow was non-existent. Wow!, I say. And then with the pure desire in my heart, I raise my hand to become His helper in this most elevated task of world transformation.

All you have to do to help Me, He says, is become pure. In other words, become soul conscious. That makes sense, I agree. When I return to my original true self, so does the world. I say to Baba, ‘I will claim my full inheritance from You’.

Then, I start my day.

I meet different people, encounter different situations. Someone says something less than polite. I find out a colleague got that project I had worked so hard for – and what’s more, everyone knows I was better qualified. Someone scratched my car and didn’t even as much as apologize. I could have sworn it was so and so that I passed on my way to the store- she pretended not to recognize me. Yes, I did not want to hear about my kid’s school program first thing in the evening- now, it’s my fault, I am a bad parent.

Purity means pure thoughts, words and actions no matter what. It’s a high bar.

When life presents me with test paper after test paper, it can be hard to catch a breath. If I am not careful, I can feel overwhelmed and give up altogether. On the other hand, sometimes, in a effort to do better, we can try to tackle life situation by situation – I tell myself, ‘I have to be patient’, then, ‘I have to be peaceful’, then ‘I have to be loving’ and then I force myself to be that or at least fake it. That can feel pretty exhausting, pretty fast.

The trick Baba says, is not to battle each sanskar or try to tackle each situation. Rather, He says, take a high jump. In other words, simply practice remaining in the awareness of who you are. I am a soul, a child of God. That awareness automatically reminds me of all my attainments, my spiritual powers, my elevated destiny, my elevated task.

That awareness makes it easy to go beyond, to let go of the petty and mundane. It immediately reminds me that this is the old world, of course it has old behaviors. Good news- those behaviors cannot get in the way of my elevated destiny- it is fixed and I know what it is! The old world, no problem….God is here to make it new again, in fact, that’s the task I am helping with. I go from feeling betrayed and angry to feeling light and compassionate.

Don’t battle, don’t take sorrow, simply let go completely. To be clear, God does not want me to leave my family or my job or my responsibilities. He teaches me not to be attached or worse, identify with them. I am not defined by a role, a relationship, a project or anything else. My identity is fixed- I am a soul, a child of God. Full stop.

Baba says, ‘the children please the Father by raising their hand, now ensure your actions match your words‘. Okay…it’s 1, 2, 3. Consider myself a soul and remember Him and the inheritance.

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