Remember, to be happy

Baba says, ‘body consciousness makes you unhappy‘. If your happiness has disappeared, it is a sign that you are in body consciousness.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle and reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to and of my inheritance. I had forgotten all of this for half a cycle and had been wandering, looking for purpose and belonging. He tells me how elevated I am, a pure soul with divine qualities like His. Makes sense given He is my Father.

I know this truth now but I can still find myself routinely forgetting it and reverting back to thinking of myself as my role, my position, my bank balance or my relationships. Because I identify myself as any of these things, I think, speak and act in ways that will bolster those things and in the old world, that means that I hustle, I expect, I demand, I shout, scream, cry, grab, etc. In short, I do all the things that bring me the exact opposite of what I want – sorrow instead of happiness and contentment.

Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says. That is the only path to purification i.e. to stopping the reverting back, the wandering off to the old world from time to time. The more time I spend remembering, the more firm my awareness is of who I am and the chances of my slipping are lesser.

The soul has within it the innate truth of who it is. It is not a new learning, a new muscle I need to build. It is rather a matter of touching base with what is already there. Just needs a little dusting off. It is because the soul knows the truth, it’s original values that I feel a sense of dis-ease, have that unsettling feeling when I think, speak or act in ways that are contradictory. This is despite the fact that my ways might have got me that promotion or helped me win that project- it doesn’t matter. The soul values something else…it values truth.

And there is that still, soft voice within me that whispers to me…I have to listen. Until I do, no matter what else I seemingly accomplish, I will have a hard time truly accepting or respecting myself. I therefore cannot accept or respect others either. My interactions are hollow and very transactional and I almost always find something wrong with myself, with others, with the system, with the world. There is always something missing.

So, do yourself a favor and remember who you are, He says. Then remain in that awareness and let it guide your thoughts, words and actions. That….being who you really are is also the greatest service you can do to the world. And when you serve, the only thing you can be is happy.

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