God’s love…

Baba says, ‘the foundation of the most elevated creation is love‘. My loving children from everywhere have made the Innocent Lord belong to them with the love of their true and clean heart.

He sees His children and says, ‘come, Mine…’

Throughout the whole cycle, you can never receive God’s love, the love of the Supreme, from anyone else.  

God’s love is the basis of this elevated birth.  

God’s love is the visible fruit of my calling out to God for birth after birth.  

God’s love is the donation of a new life.  If there isn’t God’s love, life is dry.  

God’s love is the means to bring you close to the Father.  

God’s love enables me to experience the constant company of the Father, that is, it makes me feel that God is your Companion.  

God’s love frees me from effort and easily and constantly enables me to experience being yogis.  

God’s love easily enables me to:  1.  Forget the consciousness of the body.  2. The attraction to the body and all the attractive things of the physical world that bring temporary attainment easily ends.  I don’t need to renounce anything, for the fortune of the most elevated attainment automatically makes me renounce everything. 

God’s love means selfless love. He doesn’t have any desire to take. No matter how much of a righteous soul (dharmatma), a great soul (mahatma), a charitable soul or an incognito donor they may be, they still take, they are not bestowers.  They at least desire to receive pure love.  The Father is the full Ocean and this is why He is the Bestower.  Only God’s love is the love of the Bestower.  This is why you don’t give to Him, but you receive from Him.  

God’s love automatically makes you constantly experience a feeling of surrender.  The feeling of surrender makes you become equal to the Father. You are special souls who attain God’s love. So don’t be those who have love, but become souls who are always merged in love and lost in love.  Those who are merged are equal.

God’s love is the key to all of the Father’s treasures, because love makes you into a soul who has a right.  

Perishable love and love for the body makes you lose the fortune of the kingdom.  Many kings have lost the fortune of their kingdom because of chasing after perishable love. They considered perishable love to be greater than the fortune of the kingdom.  God’s love enables you to attain for all time the fortune of the kingdom you had lost. You attain self- sovereignty.

To have love for the Father, that is, for Murlidhar means to have love for the murli. If you don’t have love for the murli, there cannot be love for Murlidhar. No matter how much you say that you love the Father, but that you don’t have time for the study, the Father won’t believe you.

Where there is deep love, no obstacles can remain; they will automatically end. Those who have love for the study and the murli easily overcome all obstacles. Through their flying stage, they go up above and the obstacles remain down below. For those who are in the flying stage, a mountain is like a stone.

Love for the murli, love for the study and love for the family become a fortress, and those who stay in this fortress remain safe. Both these specialties are making this group move forward. Because of love for the study and the family, you bring one another close.

Love does not see the language. The language of love is more elevated than all other languages. 

The children who are loving with their hearts and who give that love attract the Father to them because of the true love in their hearts. If there isn’t love in life, there isn’t any pleasure in that life.

All of you children are experienced in how much you love the altruistic imperishable love of the Father.

All of you children are those who are worthy of this love and who have experienced this love.

The power of love brings you very close to the Father.

The power of love always gives you the experience of always having the Father’s hand of blessings on your head. 

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