Remember the colorful new world

Baba says, ‘you need to remember sensibly‘. Remembrance is the journey to heaven.

The new world is a very colorful one, He says, this entire Drama is colorful. Those who are stuck in the old world don’t understand how beautiful and colorful the new world is. This new world is being established right now by God’s children with His guidance. As this new world is created, the old world will be destroyed.

The new world is heaven. Many think heaven is a different place somewhere up above but God clarifies that this same earth becomes heaven (in the first half of the cycle) and then hell (in the second half). He comes at the end of the cycle when the world is at it’s most degraded point to change it back to heaven.

He reminds us: In heaven, there will only be one religion, the original religion- peace. There will be abundance of everything – land, palaces studded with gems and diamonds, the whole nine yards. Nature and the elements are also elevated reflecting the elevatedness of the human souls that reside there. There is no existence of sorrow and happiness is everywhere. Everyone is like Sri Krishna and Sri Radhe – princes and princesses, pure, righteous, loving -most elevated. They represent the purest, most perfect human beings.

Those same souls, us, are now degraded at the end of the cycle, having burnt on the pyre of lust, attachment, greed and all the other vices. God is here now reminding us of who we are and teaching us the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. By imbibing this knowledge, we change from beggars to princes, from stone intellected to golden intellected. This is why there is the mention of Shyam Sundar in the scriptures, explains Baba. The same soul that was Sundar (beautiful) becomes Shyam (ugly) and then Sundar again. This is a colorful story, a colorful world, He says.

The journey from the old to new, from ugly to beautiful is remembrance but you need to be sensible, He says.

Knowledge alone does not get me to the new world. It opens my intellect but does not give me the power to transform. For that, I need the fire of remembrance – when done right, it melts away the alloy and returns the gold to it’s pure state. But many of us don’t do it right. We sit in remembrance and immediately, we have thoughts about the events of the day or the previous day fill our minds. Am I paying attention to my thoughts, words and actions throughout the day? If I allow myself to be loose, I will be weighed down and unable to fly to Baba when I try.

Something else we do is when we sit in remembrance, we don’t first situate ourselves in our reality i.e. we don’t consider ourselves a soul. We still think of ourselves as our body conscious roles, relationships, titles etc. we hold on to these old worldly things and try to connect with the Supreme Soul. It is like a wire with the insulation still on trying to connect with the powerhouse. I need to pull the insulation off in order to draw any current.

Then, when we do go inward, we just skim the surface. There, we find defects, imperfections, mistakes, unkept promises etc. We see this, get afraid or ashamed and retreat. Baba says, be sensible. That is not how you remember. He wants me to go deep and touch base. That is where I find I connect with my original sanskars, my elevated destiny, my truth. The more I connect with that truth, the quicker they emerge to the surface and the old stuff that was on the surface gets pushed out.

We think remembrance is about looking at defects and battling them- it’s not. It’s about remembering my truth- who I truly am and the more I stay in this remembrance, the more I behave like it. This remembrance is what makes me pure but also happy – I need both qualities to become eligible to reside in the new world. I bring transformation not by fighting the ugliness of the old world but instead by simply inculcating the beauty of the new- it’s like recording new songs on an old disk. I don’t have to work on erasing the old songs, I simply record the new over it.

There is a beautiful, colorful world being created , it is all that I ever wanted- let me remember it and the fact that I will be it’s resident. That thought alone with make me aware of how I need to think, speak and act. My awareness creates my destiny. God Himself is teaching me now in this short Confluence Age – like Finishing school, as I prepare for a brand new, happy, abundance filled life in an elevated and colorful new world. Do you see it yet?

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