Contentment means fullness

Baba says, ‘contentment means fullness‘. Those who are full of all treasures are constantly content.

When I have eaten a really good meal and have a full stomach, no matter what anyone offers me, I decline and say: ‘thanks, but I am full’. There isn’t a desire for more, a need or a want for more. I am full, I am content.

Similarly, when I am full of spiritual treasures, I, the soul, am content. There isn’t anything lacking. When I experience the purity, peace, happiness, love and knowledge, I feel like a long, severe thirst has been quenched. I finally like who I am, it’s a feeling of being comfortable, everything is just right.

Contentment can only come from being full of the spiritual treasures because only these treasures are permanent. Everything else of this physical world are temporary and if I were to think a moment’s pause to think about it, I realize that attaching my heart to anything temporary can only lead to heart-break and discontentment. Yet, that’s what we do most of the time.

There is the conditional contentment where I am content if I get my desired outcome. Then, there is the subtle desire to win other’s approval and praise. I am discontent when I think: ‘I did all the work and she walked away with all the praise, that’s not fair!’. Baba says, ‘check your attitude‘. Am I still caught up in the hustle of the old world? Am I still doing things to win name and praise? or have I died alive from this old world that rewards achievements? If I have, then I have realized that contentment comes not from what I do but rather from being who I am – a soul, an angel, a child of God.

It’s hard to just wake up and feel like a child of God or an angel- not after spending half a cycle being body conscious. The seed that I need to plant deep within me to help me realize this true identity is: One Baba and none other.

Right now, the relationships in this old world are not true in the sense that they are based on expectations, demands, attachments, karmic accounts. By having all my relationships with Baba, I remember the right way to relate. I learn the difference between love and ego, between respect and attachment. I also fill myself up in the process with love, purity, peace and happiness – the spiritual treasures that I can only receive from God at this confluence age. This is my inheritance that I had lost and was desperately seeking. Only my Father can give me my inheritance and He is giving it to me fully so there is no need for me to worry about what people in the old world give or don’t give me. My job is to connect with my Father and fill myself with the treasures.

To connect with Him is to remember Him and to follow His Shrimat throughout the day. My Father is the Almighty Authority, I know this to be true. I also know that I am His child but what I know doesn’t always match how I feel: ‘Baba, I cannot face this..’, ‘Baba, this is too much..’, ‘Baba, I cannot stop myself from being hurt…’. Baba has given me all the powers, I need to accept this to be true and start using them. Only when I use a power do I feel powerful. If I expect Baba to rescue me from every little thing, how do I expect to build up my own strength? Similarly, only when I use the knowledge, imbibe it, do I feel knowledgeful. He tells me to be attentive and nip waste thoughts in the bud, yet, I find myself engaging with wasteful banter and thinking. It’s hard to feel pure when there is negativity and waste. Even if there is a single treasure missing, I cannot feel full.

While I continue to keep the highest aim to be like the Father, to do everything He wants me to….let me also balance that with the awareness that I am a work-in-progress. Let me engage in the process of purification, of self-transformation with humility and patience. Let me remind myself of how far I have already come in this journey even as I continue to chart out my path forward. Let me never lose sight of the truth that this is not a journey I am expected to or supposed to take alone. God comes especially to partner with me, to be my Companion at this time. Let me accept His partnership. Let me also partner with the time, the Drama. Let me trust them, they are on my side, I just have to co-operate.

Baba says, ‘I give all my children all the treasures, the difference lies in the extent to which each one imbibes‘. Let me not get in my own way by being in a rush, by feeling disheartened, by feeling shame or rejecting myself. These are all forms of body consciousness taking me back on the old, rotten path where there is an eternal chase going on, where there is a need to ‘win’, to ‘conquer’, to ‘prove’, to ‘fight’.

Here, I just need to be…myself…a pure, peaceful, loveful and knowledgful soul. That comes from living those qualities which make me even fuller with them. And as we agreed, when we are full, we are content. And when we are content, we are happy. Wasn’t that the point the whole time?

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