Becoming sweet

Baba says, ‘make effort to become sweet‘. That which is sweet is automatically remembered. Baba is extremely sweet and He comes to make us children sweet like Him.

It is of course hard to be sweet when you feel like a prisoner, disillusioned and bankrupt. That’s the state I am in when Baba finds me at the end of the cycle. I don’t remember who I am, think of myself as a body and chase after material pursuits to feel fulfilled. Instead, I find that I dig myself deeper and deeper into a hole of discontentment.

To become sweet, I have to feel happy and content. I have to feel full, fulfilled. I have to have a sense of safety and belonging. None of this is possible without first knowing who I really am – a pure soul, a child of God.

He comes and reminds me of my truth- who I am and Whom I belong to. He reminds me of all my treasures – the virtues and powers. He reminds me of how the world used to be when it was new and tells me that He is here to return it to its former glory again. When I listen to the knowledge, my intellect opens, I see the right from wrong, the true from false. I realize that the way I am right now is not my truth, my truth is elevated. I realize that being bankrupt and imprisoned is not my destiny, my destiny is elevated. I realize that I hold the key to my own freedom, to my self-sovereignty and I feel ecstatic.

When I become soul conscious, I begin to smile again.

But while knowledge is my compass, it cannot sustain me. For that I need to experience the treasures, the virtues and powers that I have learnt about. I have to see my situation change practically, I have to see myself transform and become that self-sovereign. That transformation can only come from the fire of remembrance.

In the silence of introspection, I move inward and touch base with my elevated destiny- I see myself in the whole cycle, not just these few isolated scenes in the old impure world. I see that I have played an elevated part in this Drama and that this, now, is in fact my most elevated part. I have recognized God and get to help Him in this most elevated task of world transformation. In this process, I transform into His angel and then into an elevated human being. This is my story!

I connect with God in this awareness of a soul, His child and I experience His Companionship. The alchemy of His love heals and transforms. As the clouds subside and I start to see my originality clearly, my thoughts, words and actions automatically change. I no longer feel bitter, I have attained that which I was seeking. I no longer feel alone and afraid, I belong to the Highest on High, He is my Father. I no longer chase after a moving target and betray myself anymore, I have found the truth, it was within me the whole time.

In other words, I taste sweetness. And once I taste it, I can never forget it. I want to hold on to it and share it with others. I am extremely sweet and I make you children sweet, He says. His mere remembrance purifies, washes out the bitterness and transforms. That is why He is called The Almighty Authority. He is The Magician that transforms a thorn that was unpleasant and hurtful into a beautiful and fragrant flower.

Remember sweet child, He says. You are my child and therefore you are innately sweet. The vices, the impurity wore you out and made you bitter. I am here now to remind you of your truth. When you remember, you become sweet again.

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