Be an image of support

Baba says, ‘you are an image of support to the world‘. You make the world elevated and complete.

The whole world today is immersed in body consciousness and is therefore immersed in sorrow due to one reason or the other – everything from the macro: climate change, societal inequities, war, religion etc….to the micro: lack of a means to even make ends meet, illness, addictions etc. Souls are beyond distressed, they are wandering, wailing their hands frantically, calling out for support.

Except…they don’t know Whom to go to, Who can support them. They have tried all the limited forms of support – bhakti, political influence, religious leaders…but they have returned empty handed. They have realized that these are weak and temporary forms of support, much like holding on to a straw when you are drowning. They are looking for the true, imperishable support.

That support is the experience of God. Baba says, ‘all souls are my children, all have a right to the inheritance‘. He wants us, those who have this support, to provide that experience to our brothers and sisters. ‘You’, He says, ‘have to be the image of support to them’.

A support, by it’s very definition, has to be stable. If the support fluctuates, if it shakes and crumbles, everything else shakes and crumbles with it. When there is a situation, if I think: ‘how did this happen?’, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘I never thought this too could happen!’ etc., then I am not an adequate support to anyone. You have the knowledge, says Baba, there are no more questions, surprises or confusion. Nothing that is occuring in the Drama is new, it has happened countless times before. Each time, the situation passed, I got through it and will get through it again. I learn to witness the scenes of the Drama as if they are entertainment, I am not overwhelmed by them.

A support is steady, calm and capable. When things don’t go as planned, I don’t get stressed or anxious. I learn to apply a full stop to all the waste thoughts of self-doubt, of blame, of shame that are bound to try to flood my mind. I don’t want useless things in my life that take me down anymore, I apply a full-stop. I know there is benefit in every scene of the benevolent Drama. I know this is a benevolent time, I know the Benevolent Father is my Partner every step of the way. I may not see it yet but what happened was what needed to happen. I trust.

A support is not held back by the petty needs of name and fame. They are seated firmly in their elevated seat of self-respect. They know their place is next to God Himself. They know they are the roots which is the part of the tree that is closest to the Seed. Just like the seed, the roots are not visible, they are underground and do the elevated task of supplying water and nutrition to the whole tree. They are perfectly fine with the flowers and the leaves and the fruits getting all the attention and fanfare. They know who they are, their place and their part in the Drama.

A support always uplifts – they are not jealous or critical or have dislike for anyone. They are generous-hearted, says Baba. Similar to anger, jealousy works like a fire and distresses you and others. Dislike will not allow you to experience the stage of having pure and positive thoughts for others or even of constantly having pure and positive thoughts for yourself. It is as if I make myself fall and also make others fall. In the same way, to criticize whether it is just as a joke or seriously – causes sorrow in such a way that it is as though you push someone as they move along. It means to kick them. When someone trips you up and you fall, then, because you are hurt, either lightly or seriously, you lose courage. You continually keep thinking about your pain, and, while you are still hurt, you continue to remember in one way or another the one who caused you that hurt. This is not an ordinary thing, says Baba.

A support is not caught up in yours and mine. They build unity: ‘Whatever is mine is yours’ and are happy to put others first.  They know that everything belongs to the one Father and we are all working on His task, toward a common goal. They have the attitude; ‘my Father’s task is my task’. Along with being generous-hearted, they are big hearted in having this unlimited attitude. They imbibe the virtues and give the co-operation of the virtues, powers and specialties they have attained to all. They don’t care about whether they are ‘in-charge’, if they will ‘get credit’, they simply give.

‘You are only a few compared to the number of souls in the world’, says Baba, ‘and you are not famous’. But I don’t want anyone that is famous, He says, I want you.

His every word uplifts and empowers. His love and faith fills me with courage, with strength and enthusiasm. Suddenly, nothing feels impossible. Suddenly, I don’t feel small or that I am just one person- I experience multi-million fold support at every thought, at every step. I go from being a wandering soul clutching on to a straw, calling out for support to being a self-sovereign.

Let me check today, can I be such an image of support for the world? Can I do what Baba did for me for my brothers and sisters and in doing so, bring them close to the Father? Can I give them an experience of God?

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  1. Eva says:

    “The Godly Court”; Adi Dev…Baba and Mama had the best interests of all the children at heart. They presented easy methods to avoid making mistakes and tricks to change old habit patters.” That was good support for character restructuring.

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