He is also The Teacher

Baba says, ‘you must study‘. Together with remembrance, you must also accumulate an income by studying.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle to find me completely bankrupt – of all virtues, and powers. Having fallen prey to the vices, I forgot who I am and Whom I belong to. Baba comes and reminds me of who I am and gives me His introduction.

I am His long lost child and He is my Father. I finally feel safe, I belong. His love is the alchemy that heals wounds, that injects life back into a broken, tired soul. I love speaking to my Father. Anytime, I need help, I call Him and He comes. Each day, I offer Him freshly cooked food I prepare with a lot of love- I know He doesn’t eat but He accepts my love. I enjoy eating in His company, walking with Him, talking to Him.

‘As I am, however I am, I am Yours’, I say to Baba. He responds, ‘You are Mine’. But asks Baba, ‘is Baba yours as He is and however He is?

Baba is not just my Father, He is also equal parts Teacher and Satguru. Baba says, I have the thought to come and when I come, I begin to speak. There is no delay…the very first thing Baba does when He comes is teach. He is the Supreme Teacher, the Knowledgeful One. He is the only One who has the knowledge, He never forgets. He remains beyond the elements, beyond the cycle of birth and death and so remains uninfluenced and constantly in realization.

He, therefore, is my reference point for everything – from how to be, what to do, what not to do. He teaches it to me every day in the Murli. He being invisible and extremely subtle, the Murli is the most tangible form of God. In it I learn about Him, how He thinks, how He operates, His values, His sanskars, His personality. By paying attention to it, I learn the right manners, the right way of thinking, speaking and doing. I learn about right and wrong attitudes, I learn about positive, negative and waste, I learn about how the laws of Karma work, I learn about the vices and how they work, I learn about the world- how it becomes new to old and now, new again.

Don’t let your intellect wander when you are studying. I teach you new points every day‘, He says. Do I pay attention to my Teacher? or do I only remember my Father?

To reclaim my lost inheritance, I need to transform myself, return to my original, true state. For that, I have to study the knowledge that Baba is teaching me. I need to follow His Shrimat to bring about change in my practical life. Yes, He loves me as my Father, He cares for me, He feeds me and nourishes me but He cannot take my tests for me. That, I have to learn to face myself. Additionally, it is I that has to live in the new world and therefore, it is I that has to make myself eligible to live there. That’s what school is for – in addition to learning the history and geography of the world, the study shapes me and molds my character. It prepares me to stand on my own two feet.

Until Baba comes, the cycle cannot repeat. He is the Instrument that enables the world to renew by enabling the souls to renew through His love and His teaching. As my Satguru, He guides me at every step through the journey.

I am Three-in-One, He says. You have to remember all Three to claim the inheritance.

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