Become a fragrant flower

Baba says, ‘you have to become fragrant flowers‘. He comes as the Master of the Garden, the Gardener to transform souls from thorns into flowers.

I am the Purifier, He says. You call out to me to make you into charitable souls from sinful souls. This entire world is a jungle of thorns at this time, everyone pricks each other and causes sorrow. I come at the accurate time in the Drama to purify you and transform this world into a garden of flowers. When you become flowers, the world changes from a jungle into a garden, He says.

I look at each one of you, He says, to see if you are a bud or a flower and what each of you needs. Check, He says, if you have become fragrant flowers and if that fragrance is eternal.

Sometimes, we put on an artificial fragrance for a few minutes or hours when we have to go in front of Baba or in front of the seniors or the bosses or colleagues at work. We try to put out best selves forward- but in actuality, it is fake. The moment, we are done being around others, when we are by ourselves, we change. The fragrance disappears.

Some flowers attract from a distance based on color and beauty but not their fragrance. Color and beauty comes on the basis on knowledge and remembrance. To be fragrant requires that I imbibe divine virtues. That’s hard to do that when I don’t remember who I am throughout the day. You have to practice being soul conscious, says Baba. You remember you are a soul only when you sit in remembrance but when you are engaged in activities, when walking and moving around, you forget, He points out.

Remember that you are a soul, an actor, that has taken on this physical costume to play your part on this stage. When I have this awareness, I bring my specialties, my originality to every scene. I don’t think of myself as the role I am playing or confuse the stage to be my home. Once the scene is done, I pack up and leave. I don’t linger on the stage thinking about what he said/she said, how someone else played their scene etc. I learn not to engage with the wasteful, not to engage with unwanted expansion and return to my essence.

That’s how I protect my thought power and my attitude. That is how I stay true to myself. When I spend more time than I need to in the old world, when I lose the awareness that I am a soul and come into the consciousness of the body or the ego, I start operating based on selfish, negative or wasteful sanskars that emit a bad smell.

With just color and beauty, you can become a server but not a spiritual server, He says. For that, I need to have fragrance too. Only then will I be able to attract souls from far and wide to the Father by creating a spiritual atmosphere of purity and peace, love and happiness, power and knowledge. Only then will others have an experience rather than just see an outward appearance or hear hollow words. When you become such fragrant flowers, He says, you automatically become an embodiment of spiritual service. Your very existence serves.

There is only one garden, only One Master Gardener but a variety of flowers. Let me check today, what kind of a flower am I?

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