Don’t have heart failure

Baba says, ‘don’t have heart failure‘. No matter how many obstacles come, heaven is definitely going to be established.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle and reminds me of who I am and introduces Himself to me. He is my Father, I belong to Him. He reminds me of my lost sovereignty and the lost glory of the world.

It is now time to fight back and reclaim your lost sovereignty, He says. It is now the time for the great war- the war between Maya and God’s children. This is the true Mahabharata, He says. I will show you the path, be your Advisor at every step. If you follow my advise (the Shrimat), victory is guaranteed. And so God becomes my Charioteer as I prepare to fight a powerful enemy who stole from me and my brothers, our entire world.

So as a Charioteer would, He describes my enemy to me, He tells me everything I need to know about Maya – how she caused me loss, sorrow, how she brought about the current state of the world. He describes how she tricks souls into believing things that aren’t true about themselves and others, how she tempts us with shiny new things that will ‘bring me name and fame’, how she preys on souls by either pitting us against one another or making us attached to each other so we remain distracted from reality. Most importantly, He cautions, she makes me forget about myself and my Father.

When that happens, I look at the scenes and am surprised, shocked or confused. A situation comes up and I think: ‘how can this happen?’, ‘why is this happening?’ or I look at someone who I thought had it all act clumsily and I think: ‘if they can’t do it, what are the odds that I can?’. I come face to face with my own sanskars and get afraid, feel shame and guilt. I try to fight them and they fight back harder. I feel defeated and humiliated. I reject myself: ‘Surely, I misunderstood this whole thing. He wasn’t referring to me when He talked about powers and virtues, I clearly have none’.

Beware, He says. Don’t be tricked by Maya. ‘I am a soul, a child of God. Make this firm in your intellect‘, He says. Don’t faint in your mind, don’t have heart failure.

Yes, there will be storms along the way, there will be arrows fired at me, there will be a few wounds and scars. But that’s okay- it’s nothing new! He has already told me the beginning, middle and the end of the story. I already know that God’s children win and reclaim our lost sovereignty and the enemy is vanquished. I spin the discuss of self-realization and see myself in the whole story, I see my elevated destiny. These are just the final few scenes, I hold on to my faith.

Establishment of the new world and destruction of the old world are definite. This is predestined in the Drama, so there should be no doubts‘, He says.

Let me not forget who I am- I am Arjuna, the hero of this story and God is my Charioteer. What I need to do is learn to listen and follow God’s advise. Only follow Me, He says. Only I know the way back home.

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