Effort and reward

Baba says, ‘you have to make effort‘. It is the children that have to make effort and the children who have to receive the reward.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when I am in the depths of ignorance, having forgotten who I am, Whom I belong to and what is going on. He comes and reminds me. I called out to Him to liberate me from sorrow and pain but I had no clue about why I was in sorrow.

He comes and teaches me about the soul and it’s characteristics, how being trapped in the wrong consciousness of the body dragged me down. He explained who Ravan is, He explained the world drama – the beginning, middle and end of it, He explained the philosophy of Karma and how that works. He explained to me about my sovereignty, the kingdom of heaven, how I lost it and how He is going to help me claim it back.

I was so ignorant that I didn’t even know what questions to ask, He revealed things I didn’t even know were possible. He says: ‘I know what I have to come and do here, in the land of Bharat, every cycle. You don’t know this. You don’t need to ask anything, I explain everything myself.’

That’s the nature of God. He doesn’t wait to be asked, He teaches, He gives even before I even know I need it.

When I forget that truth, I ask Baba for help: ‘Baba, I need your help with this situation’, ‘Baba, You said You would do…’. Baba smiles: ‘the children are reminding the Father of what He said or should do’. It’s as if I found out about something that God is yet to understand, that I need to explain to Him!

Sometimes I go to Baba with other kinds of questions – everything from, ‘Baba, do you think I should take this job?’, ‘Baba, do you think it’s okay if I eat out when I am on my trip?’, ‘Baba, is it okay if I don’t go to Murli today?’etc. He has already given me the knowledge, He gives me Shrimat for everything. And more often than not, I know what I need to do but because I don’t want to do it or lack the power, I ask Him hoping He will say okay. Then, my conscience is clear and I feel I have the right of way to do what I really wanted to do.

Other times, I go to Him with doubts: ‘Baba, I don’t think I can do this, I don’t have the experience..’, ‘Baba, why did this happen this way?’etc. Again, He has given me the knowledge. I know that He is Karankaravanhar, I am just an instrument. If He has asked me to do something, He will ensure I receive the tools and co-operation I need to do it. Same with the Drama, I know every scene is accurate and beneficial- perhaps it isn’t obvious just yet but when I trust and don’t get into the endless chain of waste thoughts, I find the power to face the situation and in time, realize the benefit.

Sometimes, we can get quite dogmatic and think of the Shrimat as a list of does and don’ts. We get lost in the technicalities rather than understand the intent behind it, the protection it is offering me. ‘Become the embodiment of knowledge‘, He says. Then, you won’t have questions of what or how you need to do something. I become that by first understanding the point of knowledge and then applying it in my practical life. That gets me experience – I may not get it right the first time, but that’s okay. I did learn more than I knew a few minutes ago. I know how not to do something, I do better next time.

Once I have that experience, I cannot be deceived or shaken. I know what I know and because I see that I can survive getting things wrong, I am not afraid of things. I see that I have more inner strength than I gave myself credit for and I also see that Baba is always right there to help me back up again. And if I am, because of a faulty understanding, getting off course in a way that will hurt me or hinder my journey, He won’t let it happen. Again….I wouldn’t have known to ask, by definition, I was off course. But He knows. He doesn’t need to be told to look out for His own child. He knows. He is my Father. Let me remember and trust.

As He has told me already, He is helping me reclaim my sovereignty. I don’t become a sovereign by being afraid and asking my Father to do everything for me. I also don’t get there by always doubting if I can do something. I get there by understanding and then, doing. I only accumulate power and confidence when I do something, when I learn it…not when someone else does it. I have to make the effort and I have to receive the reward.

Rather than create weak and impure thoughts of fear and self-doubt, let me accumulate a stock of pure and powerful thoughts. I do that by paying attention to the knowledge, really understanding what He is teaching me and learning to trust myself, my Father and the Drama.

‘Remember’, He says, and do everything with the power of remembrance. You are the child of God, you have nothing to be afraid of. Continue to make effort, become an authority of experience and victory is guaranteed.

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