Charge your battery

Baba says, ‘the Father has come to charge your batteries‘. The more you stay in remembrance, the more your batteries will continue to be charged.

Before Baba came, truth be told, I did not know I was a battery..let alone that I needed to be charged. He comes and tells me that I am a soul and explains the story of the world cycle. In the beginning of the cycle, He says, you were completely pure and viceless. The power of purity and truth, the satopradhan strength that you had then continued to decrease by the day. By the end of the cycle, the soul became completely impure and degraded and thereby, lost its power.

When the power in a battery decreases, the appliance stops. But unlike an appliance, the battery of a soul, so to speak, never becomes fully discharged, a little power always remains. Else, the soul would stop operating and then, the body too wouldn’t remain. Instead, at the end of the cycle, we do still operate, just not very well.

At this time in the cycle, in the confluence age, I once again connect my intellect in remembrance with the Powerhouse, the Almighty Authority Father so that His power enters me and breathes a new life into me. It’s like a car. When a car battery is discharged, it is given a jump start from a good donor battery. I now have to ensure, I stay charged.

Staying charged means I remain in my self-respect. I know who I am, I am in control of and operate on the basis of the virtues and spiritual powers. I am at peace and feel content and fulfilled. I have found that which I was seeking, now, I have no more desires or needs. Nothing shakes me, I have full faith in myself, in my Father and in the Drama. I don’t debate or analyze, I know. I don’t criticize or complain, I reconcile. I claim back my happiness…I claim back my self-sovereignty.

I become discharged rapidly when I forget I am a soul and slip into body consciousness. Then, I unravel pretty quickly and become fearful because I now become dependent on things or people, I become insecure as I constantly compare and compete for ‘my place’ in the world, I become jealous, critical of the self and others….I feel all the wasteful things that bankrupt the soul of it’s strength. It’s what happened before Baba came along and it happens even now, when I am not paying attention.

‘When you feel responsible, you pay attention’, He says.

So to charge your battery, constantly consider yourself to be in charge of world renewal. If you constantly consider yourself in charge of the tasks of the world, you will pay attention and your battery will remain charged. When I don’t have this sense of responsibility, I take things easy, I allow myself to get careless with my thoughts and actions or with my stage. I waste my treasures on petty, mundane things of the old world and remain stuck there. In other words, I allow myself to discharge. But if I were to instead remember that : ‘I am here to change the world. I am on the stage, setting the example. Whatever actions I perform, others will do the same’. This isn’t just a slogan, it is the truth. Similarly, ‘my attitude determines the atmosphere’ – another truth I forget frequently. Attitude is more subtle than action. When I don’t protect my attitude, everything that follows – thoughts, words, feelings, actions all go downhill.

Check where the intellect goes‘, says Baba and ‘then transform those worldly things into spiritual things‘. For example, if my intellect is pulled by a particular relationship, let me experience that relationship with Baba who fulfills all relationships. Then, whatever was lacking will be fulfilled and the intellect will no longer be pulled.

You are now becoming sensible‘, says Baba.

Just as in the Ramayan, Sita was asked to stay within the line that was drawn for her, in the same way, let me consider myself to be within the line drawn by the Father while taking every step, creating every thought. This line is the line of Shrimat. I know from experience that any time I step outside this line, waste thoughts attack’s like my world is set on fire. When I stay within the line, I stay safe. Then I won’t waste time in creating and then finishing wasteful things.

He says, ‘constantly remember Me alone with a lot of love’. By doing this, you receive full strength.

Without love, there is no remembrance and no transformation. He is the only One who loves me unconditionally and really even knows me. His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms, it makes me belong. He is the only One who is ever pure. Here, no matter who it is, everyone is impure, says Baba. So no matter how well-intentioned someone is, they cannot help me. The creation cannot receive an inheritance from the creation…there is only one Creator, He reminds me.

By remembering the unlimited Father, I receive the unlimited sovereignty.

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