The whole world is Ravan’s kingdom

Baba says, ‘It is now Ravan’s kingdom over the whole world‘. The whole world is Lanka.

For half a cycle, I have been wandering looking for my identity, a sense of belonging. The more I searched, the more it eluded me. At the end of the cycle, the soul is exhausted and grasping for straws.

Baba comes and tell me who I am and Whom I belong to- you are a soul, my Child. He reminds me of my treasures, my powers, my inheritance. He reminds me of the world, the way it was and tells me that He is here to establish the kingdom once again. You are a sovereign, He says. You have to be that again.

He shows me the way to claim my sovereignty again- remember Me and follow Shrimat. In His remembrance, I experience His love, the alchemy that heals wounds and transforms. I belong again. His remembrance emerges my own reality, reminds me of me. He is my ONLY reference point at this time, there is no one else.

But my effort is sabotaged when I forget one key thing: this is still Ravan’s kingdom. Maya is still very much around. God’s kingdom is in the process of being established. It CANNOT co-exist with Ravan’s kingdom, it is separate. It has a different set of rules i.e. it is based on God’s Shrimat. So only when I understand and follow Shrimat along with the remembrance, do I stay safe and on path to entering God’s kingdom. Else, I find myself back in Ravan’s clutches.

We encounter challenging situations and people every day and we think: this is too much. There is betrayal, manipulation, unfairness, criticism, judgment etc. at work, for example, and we think, this is the wrong place for me, I need to move to place X because it is nice there. No, it isn’t.

Then, some others completely leave their roles and responsibilities and become sanyasis. They move to the forest. But then, they don’t get an inheritance, they don’t get a sovereignty. You don’t become one by running away. You become one by understanding the knowledge and strengthening yourself.

He comes and gives me the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. The knowledge is, the truth is: at this time in the cycle, this WHOLE world is Ravan’s kingdom, there isn’t a place anywhere that is ‘nice’, ‘virtuous’ or ‘peaceful’. The WHOLE world is impure, the WHOLE world is sinful and everyone is degraded right now. That’s when God comes! He comes when it is time to change the WHOLE world. He doesn’t come mid-way through the cycle when it is fewer people that are degraded, that’s not His role. He comes when every soul in every place AND the elements are all degraded. So let me not delude myself into thinking there is greener grass somewhere else. That running away to the forests will help- I still have myself! I need to transform to experience liberation and happiness. Becoming a recluse has nothing to do with it.

This is the way the Drama is, Baba reminds me. As the cycle turns, the golden age comes up. The copper and iron ages go down and the golden and silver ages come up from down below. It is just a matter of the cycle. The scriptures interpreted this as the world itself going beneath the sea and then emerging from the sea. This is not the case, says Baba. These are very deep things that have to be understood.

At this point, God’s Shrimat is: consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

The Father says: I become the Guide and take everyone back home. Souls are all impure; they cannot return home without becoming pure. Only the ONE Father can purify the impure. This is why everyone is down here; no one can return home. That’s the Drama. The Father cautions: children, Maya will take you into body consciousness with even greater force; she will not let you remember the Father. You have to remain very cautious. It is your eyes that deceive you the most. You have to keep your eyes under control.

Sometimes, we see someone and think: this is a nice person and we want to build new relationships. We think this will make me happy, give me a sense of belonging. This is not the time to do that. At this point in the cycle, a soul is advised to ONLY remember the ONE Father and have all relationships with Him. Because this is the time for the soul’s purification. Again, no soul is pure and so let me not go looking for it or think someone else can make me happy. It is seen, Baba says, that, even in the consciousness of brother and sister, your vision does not remain good. Therefore, it is explained to you: Consider yourselves to be brothers. Everyone says that we are all brothers, but they don’t understand the meaning of that. Purity is key.

Purity is first in this and then there also has to be very powerful remembrance. Yours is not limited renunciation, He says. Yours is full renunciation. Of what? You renounce the WHOLE of the devilish world. ‘My husband, my children, my guru, my idea, my title, my money, …..’; you break your intellect’s yoga away from all of that consciousness of ‘mine’. And replace it with :’Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other’. Until you make this your stage, Baba says, storms will continue to come and you will continue to fluctuate. To be clear, God doesn’t want me to renounce my family or my job or my responsibility. That’s not the point.

The point is to renounce the attachment, the expectation, the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. These are the doorways to Maya. I continue to live with my relatives but, while seeing all of them, my intellect is connected up there. ‘Nothing belongs to me. So whom would I become angry with or have expectations from?’ This is a very good tactic, but only when it sits in your intellects!, He says. This is called Raja Yoga. This is how you claim your kingdom, your self-sovereignty, your liberation-in-life.

People very quickly remember Him at a time of sorrow: O God, have mercy on me! Baba says, you will never say this in heaven. There, there is no Ravan. Now, Ravan is omnipresent. Baba makes me eligible to reside in the kingdom of heaven. So, rather than search, wander, look and be disappointed, I make the One my one trust and one support and follow His Shrimat: consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

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