Becoming an elevated human being

Baba says, ‘I come to make you the most elevated of all‘. God Himself gives you elevated directions through which you change from residents of hell into residents of heaven.

The residents of heaven are also human beings, explains Baba. The difference is that they have divine virtues. They are called true human beings. Human beings now have devilish traits and this is why they are called inhuman. Their activity is like that of animals.

It is human beings who become worthy of living in God’s kingdom and it also human beings who become worthy of living in the brothel or Ravan’s world. The new world is pure, it then becomes old and impure. Ravan makes the world impure by influencing the souls that live in it. And so the key to ushering in the new world is for me to become pure again and imbibe divine virtues. I become pure through remembrance and imbibe virtues by following Shrimat accurately.

When someone has no divine virtues, he is said to have devilish traits. So what would the specialties of a divine human being be?

Baba says, their first quality is of compassion. This very deep desire to rescue every soul from stumbling and wandering around as a beggar. They would have compassion for each and every one – not selectively. Because of their compassionate thoughts, many souls would be touched and become aware of their own spiritual form and their destiny. A beggar would be able to have a glimpse of all treasures from their thoughts and wandering souls would be able to see very clearly the shores of their destination of liberation and liberation-in-life.

They would always be removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness for all souls., like the Father. They would not be able to bear anyone’s sorrow because they would consider it to be their own sorrow. They would constantly adopt a plan or a mechanism to help souls forget their sorrow and make them happy.

Their personality would be one of purity in their thoughts, words and deeds- never selfish, always pure. Their appearance would be very simple and yet they’d be very elevated in their nature, sanskars and behavior.

Just as the non-living images or idols are always adorned, so too, such souls will always be adorned with the ornaments of all virtues, He says. Not a single ornament in the form of a virtue would be missing.

They would be detached and loving – pure in the midst of impurity, altruistic in the midst of selfishness, a lotus in the swamp. Their example would inspire others to become as loving and detached as a lotus too.

Their stage would always be unshakeable and immovable- no questions, no complaints. Always firm on the Drama and content.

Their thoughts and words for everyone would always be filled with blessings. It is common to praise those who praise you, says Baba, that’s what today’s human beings of Ravan’s kingdom do. But the specialty of the elevated human beings would be that they would even give blessings to those who defame them or complain about them.

I imbibe these specialties at this time during this confluence age- this is why it is called the auspicious confluence age, when human beings become elevated. For half a cycle, it is as if Ravan cast a spell on me, it is as if the full moon was eclipsed by the vices. The Father says, ‘it is only by having remembrance that your eclipse will pass‘.

The first thing I remember is who I am, Whom I belong to and the story of the cycle – it is light that dispels the darkness of half a cycle of ignorance. It is the compass that shows me right from wrong, true from false. But it isn’t about simply knowing and reciting the knowledge; I become knowledge-full which means I have the full knowledge imbibed in the intellect. The more knowledge-full I am, the more I am committed to donate the vices or sacrifice them in the fire of remembrance. I am determined – I don’t want useless things in my life anymore. Then, the more successful I will be. I see change and it builds faith and so more faithful I become. To be faithful means to have faith in the intellect – firstly, in the self, secondly, faith in Baba and, thirdly, faith in all the souls of the entire family. When I am faithful and carry out any task, there is success. It is a virtuous cycle. My every task, every thought and every word will be powerful.

Then, I become His helper in this task of world transformation, His angel, a world server during this confluence age on the way to becoming a self-sufficient, elevated human being in the golden age, the kingdom of God.

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