Happy thanksgiving!

Baba says, ‘you children now hold your heads very high‘. The Highest-on-High Father is enabling us to claim the highest-on-high status. 

When Baba came, I was living the life of an orphan in Ravan’s kingdom. That meant that I was living a life of fear with no identity and a lack of belonging. Ravan had convinced me that I was insignificant, that I had to prove myself worthy of being in the world- show me how much money you got, he said or show me your passport…which country are you from? or who do you work for and what’s your title? or what’s your degree?, show me your trophies….the list kept growing. Just when I would think that I had finally made it, the goal post moved and I’d be chasing again.

I tried to get help from the deities, the gurus and the priests. I dipped in ‘holy’ lakes and rivers. even against better judgment, I worshipped every deity there was and trees, animals and rocks! I wore ‘special’ rings and necklaces to bode off omens, recited scripture, performed expensive rituals, went on pilgrimages…the whole nine yards for…a little bit of salvation, a little bit of help passing an exam or winning a promotion, a little bit of strength, good food for the day…In other words, I asked for help to make it in Ravan’s world! not knowing there was an alternative. And what’s worse, even when I begged, I didn’t do it well enough…asking for a handful or a bit of this or that.

Baba came and gave me the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belonged to- you are a soul, the child of the Highest-on-High. You are not your role or your worldly accomplishments…you are the elevated being, the pure, peaceful, loving, knowledgeful and, powerful being, He reminded me. This is your world, it has become old, impure and degraded just as you have became old, impure and degraded when you fell prey to the vices. I have come to make you pure again and help you reclaim your world.

Wow, that blew my mind! I am the child of God! This is my world….I don’t have to prove anything. In that one second of realization, I went from being a beggar to a prince! from bankrupt to solvent, from orphan to child.

He then also taught me the knowledge of the cycle- the beginning, middle and end. I started to see my whole story throughout the cycle- the various parts I, the actor, have played…this current one is just one part, I realized, and it is my last one in this cycle. I started to see how elevated my destiny is. I saw how beautiful and pure the world was when it was new…it is becoming new again. I am making it new again with my purity.

Based on that truth, I know that everything old is being automatically destroyed. As I imbibe Baba’s teaching, I come face to face with my ego that rebels against the change. But I am not afraid because Baba has already prepared me for this. Storms will come! But they come to make me strong, make me more resolute and then they leave. I know that I come face to face with prejudices, beliefs, habits that I’m not proud of, that until Baba, I didn’t even know were wrong. But, that’s okay, the important thing is that I know now! So I don’t slip into shame or guilt, I accept it as part of my journey and learn. When situations come, I don’t question: ‘why’ or ‘what’ or ‘how’, I don’t shake, I remain steadfast on the track of Drama. When things don’t work out as expected, I’m okay with that, I don’t fight it, I trust Baba and the Drama. I may not see the benefit today, but I know I will with time.

And so, the way I see the world has changed. I see everything now through my third eye of knowledge- His gift to me- rather than through the physical eyes.

I don’t shake, panic, cry or sulk anymore. I am not disillusioned anymore. I am not scared anymore. I am in the know. I know what’s going on and even more importantly, I am in control of what’s going on! I have the reins back in my hands. That’s a long way from bowing down to trees or dipping in the lakes!

Now, I have a direct relationship with God Himself, the Highest-on-High and He is making me equal to Himself. Remember Me alone, He says. When I do, when I spend time in His company, I am reminded of my true self. I re-learn how to be, the right way of living. I draw power, become strong and courageous. I no longer do the things that sabotage me and cause sorrow. I now know how to relate to myself and to others – with love, rather than attachment; with acceptance and compassion rather than expectation and judgment.

I, the soul, am standing on my own two feet again after a long time. I, the soul, am respecting myself again for who I have become and continue to become. I, the soul, am now holding my head up high.

Thank you Baba for being You, for all that You do! There is no one else that can be You. I am so fortunate to have You in my life, as part of my destiny, so proud to be Your child. You have restored my faith in myself, given me back to myself. I am so eternally grateful for the journey so far and for what we are to take.

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