Becoming viceless

Baba says, ‘remember Me and you will become completely viceless‘. You will then be threaded in the rosary of victory.

Viceless means to be free from the influence of vices, to be completely pure. I became vicious when I forgot who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. For half a cycle, I thought I was the body and therefore, my thoughts, words, actions, attitude were all based on that identification. There were may types of the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, life was about sense gratification. The senses ruled over me.

Baba came and reminded me that I am a soul, not the body. He told me that I am a pure, viceless soul, full of virtues and powers. He told me that I belonged to Him, that I was His child. He told me the story of how I had lost everything to the vices and more importantly told me how to claim it back.

You lost everything when you became impure. Now, become pure and you will become a sovereign again. To become pure, He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. Remembering Him reminds me of my own truth, I am like my Father. Remembrance gives me the power to transform. It gives me the experience of God’s companionship at every step.

I am a soul, a point of light. I am a child of God, my home is my Father’s home – the sweet silence home. This physical plane is where I have come to play my part in the unlimited drama, that’s all. In that awareness, I immediately let go of all the attachments, the entanglements, the props of the physical world. I reclaim my independence.

When I remember that I am a soul, that automatically changes my vision, my thoughts, words and attitude to all be spiritual. I am no longer interested in watching or listening to nonsense, to anything that does not increase the power of the soul. I see poison for what it is and reject it. I fill myself with the truth, the imperishable jewels of knowledge. I know that this is my only source of income for the soul and that this confluence age is the only time to earn it.

I earn the jewels by imbibing them into my character. Your character i.e. your sanskars are all that will go with you, He reminds me. Make your character viceless.

When a scene of the Drama unfolds, I am aware that this is a scene. I don’t panic or ask questions of ‘why?’, ‘what?’ or ‘how?’. I remain firm on the knowledge of the Drama which makes me unshakeable. Baba is responsible for me, He is my Protector and Bestower. I am His child. When I am asked to take on a new task or project, I don’t get anxious with self-doubt. I take it on as a trustee. Again, Baba is responsible. This is His domain, He will get it done, I just have to co-operate. When I am on a team, I offer my ideas as a master but then immediately become the child and accept whatever decision the team makes. I don’t hold on to the idea as ‘mine’ and fight for it. My attitude for others, no matter who, changes to one of love and benevolence rather than dislike, jealousy or judgment. I have the strength and the wisdom to look beyond the apparent behavior and sense the underlying feeling of the other soul. I don’t reject the soul, I reject the sanskar.

Being grounded in my identity makes me stable and mature, it makes me detached and loving. It makes my actions and interactions spiritual. The sign that you are spiritual is that you will be happy and radiate happiness, says Baba. When you are in the physical or bodily consciousness, you will be sorrowful and cry. That makes sense- when I rely on external, temporary and false things for my self-respect, I will live in constant fear of losing that which I depend on, which, I inevitably will by definition and then cry. It’s what I did for half a cycle.

Baba comes and shows me the path to break the vicious cycle- remember, He says.

The soul recognizes truth and only wants truth. Truth by it’s nature is permanent, constant. Only God and His knowledge are Truth. And so the soul only ever wants to remain aligned to it’s own truth and be in the companionship of the Supreme Soul. It wants nothing else, it needs nothing else. I play my scenes of the drama per the directions of the Supreme Director and then immediately leave to be with my Beloved in our home. I don’t hang around here to see what else is interesting, to look at the other actors or to catch up on gossip. My intellect is up above with Baba.

The first lesson is to make me aware that I am a soul. The last lesson is about being an embodiment of that awareness…complete…pure. The journey in between is where I shed the excess, the many types of false consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. I become light and fly to the Supreme.

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  1. LaDonna Remy says:

    There is beautiful wisdom in your words.

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