Making my remembrance volcanic

Baba says, ‘make your remembrance volcanic‘. Pay attention to this now.

A volcano conjures up an image of intensity, of fire that burns away anything that falls into it such that there is no more trace of that thing left. There is so much smoke and flames that erupt from it that it’s effect is felt far and wide.

I, the soul, had forgotten who I am and Whom I belong to for half a cycle – a long time. I have now been given the awareness of it by the Father. My aim is to become an embodiment of that awareness, of being an incorporeal soul, such that I can return home with Him. And, here’s the catch – I have to do this reversal i.e. go from body conscious to soul conscious in a short blip of time, in this confluence age.

For this, let remembrance not be ordinary, says Baba. When it is ordinary, I think of myself as a soul but don’t quite go as far as becoming an embodiment. I understand the sanskars but there isn’t a transformation that takes place. For that to happen, I need extra force, extra power, extra fire that is capable of burning away the old completely such that no trace is left. Sometimes, we think we have changed only to find that old sanskar show up again one day. When the remembrance is not powerful enough, we beat the sanskar, says Baba, but don’t burn it. Burning only happens in a hot, powerful volcano.

The main and easy effort for making my remembrance of the volcanic form is to constantly have the one deep concern: I now have to return home. With this awareness, I automatically go beyond all relationships and all attractions, that is, I become a detached observer. Then, when I sit in remembrance, my intellect is not pulled by anything, it is able to fully connect with Baba. I easily become the Father’s companion and equal to the Father.

So let me pay attention to my awareness throughout the day- the 16 waking hours of the day are almost more important than the time in remembrance. How I do in those hours determines the quality of my remembrance. If I allow myself to be loose, slip away from the awareness of the aim of returning home, then, I will think, speak and act in ways that will make it hard for me to have a volcanic remembrance.

Intense remembrance means to keep up the effort, having understood the point of it, of being stable in the stage of a light-and-might-house. In other words, I pay attention to the Shrimat that is there to protect me from slipping as I go about my day, become experienced in being an embodiment of that knowledge i.e. apply it in my practical life and become powerful. For an intense, volcanic form of remembrance, firstly, both the mind and intellect need to have a powerful brake and they also need the power to steer. When the waste thought comes, I apply a powerful brake but I don’t then just come to a standstill…I steer around the obstacle and move on toward my destination. By doing this, the power of the intellect or any other energy will not be wasted, but will instead be saved. The more I accumulate, the more my powers to discern and judge will increase.

This application of the brake and steering needs practice. Baba says, while performing any task or while speaking to someone, every now and again, stop the traffic of thoughts. Stop the thoughts in the mind and everything you are doing with your body for a minute. Only by practicing this will you be able to stabilize yourself in the powerful stage of a point, He says.

Maybe my remembrance is natural today, I have all my relationships with Baba, I have love for Him but a volcanic remembrance requires paying attention to make my stage powerful. When I imbibe total purity i.e. purity even in my thoughts, the power of those elevated thoughts will intensify the fire of love and all the rubbish will be burnt in that fire.

By imbibing the elevated directions, I become an elevated soul and enable other desperate souls, wandering souls, souls who are calling out, to experience bliss, peace and power through my pure attitude, my attitude of benevolence and through the atmosphere. In other words, when I prepare to return home, I enable others to be ready as well. It’s time, says Baba, now, become one with a volcanic form and burn away the old sanskars and old nature.

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