The responsibility of world transformation

Baba says, ‘you are the ones who have the responsibility of the elevated task of world transformation‘. You are images of support to the world.

To be a child of God is both an unbelievable fortune and an awesome responsibility. You children are those who transform the world, Baba reminds us. You are the support of the world. You are those who uplift the world while being an example in front of the world. Those who are images of support have total responsibility. You now have responsibility to make many others follow your every step.

But this responsibility does not make you heavy, it makes you light, says Baba. When you are an image of support, you receive blessings from souls and that makes you light and move along in your own journey with ease. The mind does not enjoy being free, it actually makes me tired. This responsibility is one that finishes tiredness. 

It helps a great deal in creating a stage.

While carrying out any task, always have the awareness that you are an instrument on the world stage for the service of world benefit, says Baba. I have been given a huge responsibility for the task of world transformation. I have to accomplish this through the power of my own mind. When I realize this and remain in this awareness, Baba says, all carelessness will finish and my time won’t be wasted. Because I move forward with the awareness of the importance and size of the task that has to be accomplished, I consider every second to be invaluable, I will continue to use it in a worthwhile way for the tasks of world benefit and world benefit only. There is no time to be wasted on anything else.

When I am responsible, I feel accountable, I pay attention. I know and accept that the world is watching. I accept being held to a higher standard than others. I don’t complain that someone else has it easy, that they get away with being lazy. Instead, I accept the responsibility of setting the tone. I accept that I am setting the standards, the code of conduct, the laws for a new world. I accept and hold myself accountable to others to look to me for inspiration, for vision, for direction.

I am am image of support, I lead, don’t follow. My reference point is God when it comes to creating an incorporeal stage and Brahma Baba when it comes to physical activities. Only follow father, says Baba. Now, you are the instrument images. Always remember that whatever step you take, others will follow you. You have this responsibility because you become the example for all souls.

For example, let me check if I set a time for remembrance each day. Do I accurately follow the daily itinerary or does it change as needed, per convenience? If I am taking things easy and being careless, others will follow my example. Similarly, when someone is gossiping or complaining about someone else, do I listen with interest and join in or do I stay silent and in soul consciousness such that the other receives the subtle signal that they are off track? This, is how I co-operate with my brothers and sisters, by setting the example, by reminding them of what it is that we are here to do.

It is not enough to know and relate the knowledge, says Baba. You also have to be a form of might. In other words, I have to be an embodiment of each point of knowledge – whether it is the point of the drama or the point of being a peaceful soul. I do this through the power of remembrance. The more you charge yourself, the more you will be able to successfully carry out the task of being in charge, says Baba. Only then will I be able to be unshakable in any situation and remain peaceful. If I, the image of support, shakes, others will shake too. I am the foundation. No matter how peaceless, restless or frightened someone may be, the power from a second of your vision, your attitude and consciousness should make them completely peaceful, He says.

It all comes down to that- awareness, attitude and, vision. Have I accepted my role as an image of support to the world? Because that will drive my attitude, vision and actions. Baba comes and tells me my own story. You were a world sovereign and then, this world was heaven. When you fell prey to the vices, the world followed. Now, I have come to remind you of your true identity and of your responsibility toward the world, your world.

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