The Magician

Baba says, ‘He is called the Magician. He changes humans into deities and beggars into princes’.  

The characteristics of a memorable magic trick is that it is something spectacular i.e. something truly unique and unbelievable. It should also be quick and seem easy- like at the snap of the fingers.

When Baba comes at the end of the cycle, the world is hell, His children are vicious and bankrupt. Distressed and suffering, souls call out to Him to liberate them from sorrow, to make them pure. The Father says: I do come.

He comes and reminds me of who I am and gives me His own introduction. He makes me belong to Him as His child. He becomes my Teacher and explains the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He becomes my Satguru to take me back home. In this family of God, God looks after me, teaches me and changes me from a thorn into a beautiful flower and then takes me back with Him. To become a flower from a thorn is to become completely pure from completely impure. Then, the whole world changes from hell into heaven, I go from being a resident of hell into a resident of heaven.

Is there a magic trick bigger, greater and more spectacular than this!? Can any human magician change a thorn into a flower or hell into heaven? And all of this – making me His child, teaching me, taking me back, changing the world – happens at the snap of the fingers – in a second! Souls attain liberation-in-life in a second. It takes 84 births for heaven to change into hell. God comes and changes it back to heaven in this short confluence age, during one short birth. This is the greatest magic! And God, is the greatest Magician.

The Father says: when you souls become pure, you will receive pure bodies. Then, you will rule in heaven. This is why He is called both the Businessman and the Magician.

He also tells me: change the residents of hell into residents of heaven. There is a lot of attainment through this. The Father says: Become the kings of kings! Follow the Father.

That means, I too become a master magician! The trick I perform is to become pure myself by following Baba’s Shrimat and change into a resident of heaven. When I do, it automatically inspires change in others. In order to change yourself, Baba says, simply imbibe a determined thought of one second: ‘I am a soul’. And, in order to transform the world, always remain an image of support and an image of upliftment for the world.

Those magicians of the world, Baba says, have the art of doing everything successfully with the sleight of their hands whereas here, you become an embodiment of success in every thought and every deed. Success means attainment, He explains. It means there is an experience, I gain power. Simply to listen to and relate points is philosophy.

There is a temporary impact from philosophy because I lack the confidence and power that comes from experiencing those points. Unless I embody what I hear from the Father or what I teach others, it is ignorance. This is why the influence of spirituality that comes from imbibing who I am, is for all time. Then, even my way of looking and walking will give teachings to others. To teach someone through words is a common thing, says Baba, however, magic is about experience. You have to give an experience with the power of your elevated thoughts and elevated deeds. Then, it’s magic!

To become an embodiment, I need powerful remembrance. What gets in the way is wasteful thoughts, the mind races in all different directions. To be able to pack up and to merge those thoughts, Baba says, is magic! Magicians show some things by packing them and some things by merging them. They pack something very big into something very small. You have to learn this magic, you have to practice this, He says. When you go into expansion, you have to make effort to merge it there and then i.e. learn to put a full-stop. Observe and check at that moment: am I able to merge all this expansion? Then, you will be able to become a magician equal to the Father, He says.

The people of the world reward cleverness and shrewdness. My magicians, Baba says, are the innocent mothers. This is because you are the practical proof of the lifestyle in which the people of the world are weak or cowards. Mothers through their practical example do such elevated service, Baba says, that those in the world who consider themselves to be lions and look down on the mothers change into goats in one second! You are such magicians!, He says Through magic, you make lions into goats and goats into lions. Simply become lionesses and they will then become goats!

The Magician and His family of magicians! They perform tricks all over the world every moment, every day. Human beings become angels and beggars become princes. Have you ever seen such magic!?

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