Love Me

Baba says, ‘simply remember the Father and love Him‘. It is only when you receive happiness that you love Him.

In the world, the thing everyone needs in their lives is love. Without love, they experience life to be tasteless. Love is such an elevated thing that people consider love to be God! They believe: ‘Love is God’ or ‘God is love’ but they don’t have the experience of why that is. For many births, I too had been thirsting for this true, imperishable Godly love. As a devotee, I even begged for it. Baba comes and makes me belong to Him. He becomes my Father, Companion, Friend…in an instant, I receive the right to Godly love, I receive it as my birthright. I go from being a beggar to being one who has a right, to a prince.

Therefore, the first gift from God, the Father, is love

God’s love is a blissful swing. When I remain constantly absorbed in the love of the Supreme Soul and swing in the swing of happiness, neither any situation nor any upheaval of Maya can come to me. God’s love is limitless and unshakeable; there is so much that everyone can attain it.

However, the method to attain God’s love is to be honest.

The Father has so much love for the children, He says: whoever you are, whatever you are, you are Mine. Do you have so much love for Me?, He asks. Do you say from your heart: Baba, You are everything for me? Never be influenced by the kingdom of falsehood, He says. Remain absorbed in God’s love. In fact, you don’t have to make effort to remember the one you love; there is natural remembrance of the beloved. Let the love be from your heart – true and selfless.

You cannot receive such selfless love from any soul except the Father. Therefore, don’t remember Him with any selfish motive, but remain absorbed in His selfless love. Then, His love becomes the canopy of protection. When you experience God’s love, you become an easy yogi and continue to fly. God’s love is the means to make you fly. Those who fly can never be attracted by the pull of the earth. No matter how attractive the form of Maya is, that attraction cannot reach those who are in the flying stage. The string of God’s love pulls you close from far away. This love is so blissful that when you become completely lost in it, within a second, you are able to forget all types of sorrow and continue to swing constantly in the swing of happiness. The sign of love is that you are given whatever you need in life when you need it. The Father has so much love for you children that He fulfils your desire for peace and happiness in your life. Not only does the Father give you happiness, but He makes you into the masters of the treasure-store of happiness. Along with this, He also gives you the pen with which you can draw the line of your elevated fortune as long as you want: this is God’s love. The sparkle, intoxication and rays of experience of the children who remain merged and lost in love are so powerful that, not only does no problem come to such children, problems cannot even raise their eyes to look at them!

Such children who are merged in God’s love do not have to labor in any way. The Father has so much love for His children that He sustains you right from amrit vela. God Himself calls you to celebrate a meeting with Him! He has a heart-to-heart conversation with you and fills you with power. The song of the Father’s love awakens you. God calls you with so much love, He awakens you and says with love: Sweet children, lovely children, come!

The practical form of this loving sustenance is to have an easy yogi life.

“The Father and I”: with this love, you do not feel anything to be difficult, nor would there be tiredness. Love means that everything is forgotten. ‘How will it happen? What will happen? Will it be right or not?’, Baba says, forget all of that. Everything is already accomplished. Where there is this Godly courage, there is God’s help. Those who experience such company, such help have different kind of thoughts, they say: ‘Nothing new’, ‘Victory is guaranteed’, ‘Success is definite’. This is the experience of the true lovers.

This Godly love has made hearts that had been attached to many relationships and had been broken into many pieces become connected to the One. There is now the one heart and the one Comforter of Hearts. The heart is not broken into pieces. Love has made you equal to the Father. Because of being in His constant company, love has made you constantly powerful. Love has changed you from being iron-aged to confluence-aged, from tamopradhan to satopradhan. This love transformed the world of sorrow and pain into a world of joy and happiness.

This Godly love has so much importance!

You receive so much happiness from Him, that is why you love Him. You wouldn’t love someone who causes you sorrow! To remember Him from the heart is to love Him. To know Him as He is and to become like Him is the return for His love. The Father says: I make you into the masters of heaven. Therefore, love Me. You should follow the Father’s directions.

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