Put an end to waste thoughts

Baba says, ‘put an end to waste thoughts‘. According to the closeness of time, even having waste thoughts is a sign of impurity. 

The return to God’s love is to be equal to Him and we wish to be equal to Him, to experience the stage that is same as His but the storms of waste thoughts create obstacles to our getting there, to our becoming complete.

The cause of having waste thoughts is a lack of pure thoughts, pure ideas and the treasures of knowledge. The daily Murli is the treasure of knowledge, of the most elevated thoughts, directly from the mind of God. I receive this knowledge, I enjoy listening to it but because I don’t use it, I become unable to imbibe it and accumulate it. I experience happiness while listening and then when I walk out into the real world, it finishes. There, I use the dictates of my own mind rather than the directions I received in the morning. I become influenced by Maya and lose my happiness and cheer.

Most of the time, the waste thoughts come up due to comparison. I see someone being praised and immediately, there is that feeling of jealousy that emerges – ‘I actually know more’, ‘I am better qualified’, ‘my idea was better’ etc. These selfish thoughts create selfish feelings that steal my joy and happiness because selfishness is in direct misalignment with my core value – of purity. Not only am I empty inside because of a lack of accumulation of pure thoughts, I become unhappy on seeing others do well.

The pre-requisite or method to accumulate the treasure of knowledge, Baba says, is to have a pure and clean intellect and a honest heart. The basis of having a pure intellect, in turn, is to surrender the intellect to the Father, which is to say, to surrender the ‘I and mine’ to the Father. When I do, I receive a divine intellect in exchange. First, I have to give. I give with the pure thought that everything belongs to the Father, nothing is mine.

To surrender is to become free from selfish attachments. The reason for not being an embodiment of remembrance, for having waste thoughts and for becoming unhappy and a servant to Maya, Baba explains, is that I am not free from the consciousness of ‘mine’. There is a lot of expansion of the consciousness of ‘mine’ and I get easily caught up in it. This is the consciousness of a householder, says Baba. You have to relinquish this and adopt the consciousness of a trustee.

When I am a trustee, nothing is mine. Even to say things like: ‘my nature’, ‘my sanskar’, ‘my intellect’ is an expansion of a householder. So check yourself, says Baba. When I have a surrendered intellect, when I become a trustee, the Father’s nature is my nature, the Father’s sanskars are my sanskars. I no longer think, I simply follow. When I follow, there cannot be unhappiness, there cannot be heaviness, there cannot be thoughts, words or actions that are wrong and that would cause regret. But when I don’t really, truly surrender and try to follow directions ‘because I have to’, ‘because, otherwise I will be a bad person’, then, it will feel VERY hard. It will feel like a huge sacrifice rather than something I want to do.

Surrender comes from having deep love for myself and for the Teacher. I like what He is telling me about myself, I want to be that too. I also trust the Teacher, I have a deep love for Him and on the basis of that love, I become open myself to trying His method, following His directions. It is like Arjuna in the Mahabharata. At first he couldn’t understand why he had to fight, he in fact cried even though he was a warrior because he couldn’t bear the thought of fighting his relatives. But when God gives him the awareness of who he really is, of his duty, he remembers. And what helps the process of coming into awareness is his trust in God, his Friend. Because he loved and trusted His Friend, he was open to listening to Him and imbibing the knowledge. Same here…the more I love and trust Baba, the easier it will be for me to surrender.

Baba is reminding me daily of who I am. The more I accept and remain in that awareness and perform actions, the more the awareness grows and deepens. The more elevated my stage becomes, the more it becomes an embodiment of knowledge and full of all virtues, unshakeable, stable, firm and constant, the more the fluctuation in my thoughts will accordingly finish. ‘I am an ancestor soul, the foundation of the human tree’, ‘I am the image of support and upliftment’. I have to believe this about myself and own it. It is not a question of just meditation, I have to come into interactions, perform my actions in this awareness. When I forget who I am, I am attacked by Maya- in the form of self-doubt, in the form of comparisons etc. Then, it becomes a vicious cycle – because of being in the wrong awareness, I perform wrong actions which I then regret and that in turn makes me lose my confidence, self-respect and weakens my resolve to change.

Pay attention, says Baba to how surrendered your intellect is, to the degree of purity of your intellect. The call of the present time is to put an end to waste thoughts such that I can make my mind strong, become complete and serve others through it. Without finishing waste thoughts, I cannot become a useful instrument to Baba in His task of world service. I will not have a stable, powerful mind that He can use to serve souls. But when I pay attention and end the wastage, I become the Lighthouse. Souls are waiting, Baba is waiting, am I ready?

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