I, the soul am an actor

Baba says, ‘all of us souls are actors‘. No one’s part can be the same as another’s.

I, the soul, am an actor. I come to this unlimited stage, the earth, to act. It’s what I do. There is no question of ‘why’, it’s who I am. So I come down here from my home to act, to express myself. Expression requires that I speak and do things, often with others…other actors. So this is an unlimited drama. When it starts, the first few scenes has few actors, then as the plot unfolds, more actors join in and at the end of the drama, for the climactic scenes, all the actors are on stage.

The way the drama is structured, every actor gets to play ‘happy and blissful’ scenes, ‘doing ok’ scenes and ‘not so good’ scenes…in that order. As soon as an actor comes to the stage, whether at the beginning of the drama or toward the end, their first few scenes are always ‘happy’ before they get to do the more complicated scenes.

You are hero actors, says Baba. You come right at the beginning of the drama and therefore, have the most scenes.

The occupational hazard with acting is that actors forget they are acting! they start to think they are the character they are playing, that the earth i.e. the stage is their home. So they refuse to take the costume off because they believe that is who they are, they hang on to the props on the stage, the fake house and garden etc. because they get attached to it. This is the case with souls at this point in the drama. Having being down here for so long, we got confused.

Because of that fundamental lapse in awareness, many things go awry. I look at my scene which might be ‘not so good’ but because I have forgotten who I am, I take sorrow from them. I look at scenes of other actors and compare. My life becomes filled with anxiety, fear and discontentment.

Baba comes and reminds me of who I am. You are the actor, not the role, He tells me.

I’ve played 84 different parts and between them, countless scenes since I’ve been on this stage. When I started, the set was designed as the ‘golden age’ and I was a king. Since then, I’ve played many more roles, each different from the other. At the current time when the set is designed to be the ‘iron age’ and I am not king. I am neither the king nor the part I am playing now. I, am a soul, an actor who plays both roles. Yes, the first role does happen to be my best performance. Why? Because then I wasn’t confused about who I am. I knew I and everyone else are actors and that we are playing roles, no one’s part can be the same as the other. I didn’t compare, I simply focused on playing my part and therefore I didn’t introduce thoughts and feelings that were not in the original script.

That’s what’s going on now! I routinely introduce thoughts, feelings and actions into the role that weren’t supposed to be there – jealousy, anger, an attitude of competition, of wanting to win etc. If I am in a scene with another actor where their character is being praised, it has no bearing whatsoever on me just as how when my character is being praised in a scene, that has no bearing on me either. Neither is true, both are part of the roles we are playing. So if I hustle to win praise, to win, then that makes no sense. When I remember who I am, I remain neutral in praise and defamation, in so called ‘wins’ or ‘losses’. I remain stable in my truth and in my connection to the Father while I remain a detached observer of the drama. I become light and enjoy the scenes of the drama, marvel at it’s plot and characters.

We agree with this in ‘theory’ but when it comes to practical life, we think: yes, but at the end of the day, the person on stage giving the lecture, the one reading murli, the one running the center are the hero actors, they make the bigger fortune, I feel I got the short end of the stick. Did Father Brahma go up on stage? did he ever give a TV program or a press conference? No. What he did do, however, was put others before him, wish that the children do well. His part was/is to be the father of humanity and he played it accurately.

What about Shiv Baba? He certainly didn’t go on stage or conduct a workshop! In fact, after all the work He puts in at the confluence age, He never even gets to come into the golden age. Then, in bhakti, they say Krishna spoke the Gita. Someone builds a temple for Him and it gets looted by someone else. Does He beat His chest when the temple is built? or does He pursue the looter when he loots and put a curse on him? No! because neither has any bearing on Him whatsoever. I am the Purifier, the Liberator, He tells us. My part is to purify souls and take them back home with Me. End of story! That is clarity, that is playing my part accurately.

And who do we remember the most? Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba, the two most non-famous souls of all time! But I remember them for the stellar performances they give at this time, performances that touched me, lifted me up, become an example. Even in the outside world, we truly remember from our heart those souls that lifted us up. And if I were to reflect, I find that they are few and far between and the characteristic they share is that they did what they did without any fanfare and disappeared quietly. Often, we don’t even know their name but we remember what they did, how they altered our perspective, our life. That is the hallmark of an angel – they just play their part, no applause needed. They win blessings from the heart of God and from the souls they touched.

At the confluence age, that is my part, to be an angel of God. I get there by remembering my reality- I am a soul, a child of God. I am an actor by profession. I have been here playing various roles in this unlimited drama that is now winding down. It’s almost time to pack up and go home. These relationships, the accomplishments, titles, the material possessions….are not mine. They are all characters and props. They are not part of my identity. I let go.

The sooner I realize this and remain stable in the awareness of who I really am, the easier it will be to let go and leave. That moment will be of one second, says Baba. When the Director says, ‘pack up!’ and the lights go out, the hero actor waves and walks out gracefully. Let me not be the confused actor that cannot get themselves to leave and suffers in that moment because they believe their identity is being taken away from them. And so Baba prepares us daily, He says: consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. It is a practice. The wrong awareness of half a cycle will not wear off on it’s own, I have to remind myself daily, consistently, in every scene. If I do that, I will be ready…to both perform well in whatever scenes are left and then, to leave.

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