Don’t play with dolls

Baba says, ‘the Father comes when the people of Bharat are in total darkness‘. They continue to worship dolls.

Baba is giddy about the fortune of His children and He constantly reminds us of it. You were resident of heaven, He reminds me. Five thousand years ago Bharat was heaven. There were palaces studded with diamonds and jewels. You were the masters of the whole world! The earth and the sky all belonged to you. Bharat was the Shivalaya established by Shiv Baba. There was purity there. Such a Bharat is now going to be created once again.

Baba is pleased to see my fortune but am just as pleased to see my own fortune? Or do I think He is talking about everyone in general, not to me? or maybe I dwell on a weakness and based on it think that I am unfit to be a resident of heaven?

Waste thoughts become an obstacle in my attaining of the complete stage, in attaining my inheritance of happiness and of my self-respect. They take me away from my truth based on body conscious feelings of shame, guilt, perfectionism, comparison etc. On the path of bhakti, devotees worship as if they are playing with dolls. They bring home an idol or doll i.e. give them birth, then they decorate them, worship them and then drown them. When I reflect on my own actions, I realize that I too play with dolls from time to time.

The situations often are actually not even real. They are self-created due to my falling prey to body consciousness. It starts with my creating the waste thought- I create a doll of jealousy or a doll of shame or a doll of anger or bossiness because of unmet expectations, dolls of imagination of how someone thinks of me or of my own capability etc. I create the dolls or idols and give them life. Even though they are completely false, I experience them to be completely true at the time so much so that I become overwhelmed by them and what’s more, I even tell others about it and make them believe it is true too.

Then, I decorate the idol of that situation with so many memories of the past and assumptions for the future. Then, just as people offer bhog to the deities or their idols, I offer the bhog of the points of knowledge that I think of in the wrong way: ‘this happens all the time’, ‘this happens to everyone’, ‘according to the drama, I am only an effort-maker at present. It is only at the end that we become karmateet’. By offering this bhog of points of knowledge taken out of context, I very firmly justify myself for feeling the way I do. Then, not only do I take this bhog myself, but I also offer it to my family members and others who are with me: I make the family sit with me, tell them everything in detail and make their intellects consume that food too.

But then at the end, there is no other way than to drown those idols, those dolls, in the remembrance of the Father, in the waves of the Ocean of Knowledge by allowing the past to be the past. So yes, in the end I do come to my senses but what about all the time and energy I wasted on this? I shut myself down and handed my power over to the idol that isn’t even real.

This elevated time of the confluence age is not the time to waste on trivial matters, cautions Baba. This is a game of dolls! According to the present time in the cycle, you are in your stage of retirement and those who are in the stage of retirement don’t play with dolls, He says, they stay in solitude and in remembrance. So, don’t busy yourself with playing those games. Constantly see your elevated fortune.

There was a time for bhakti and for worshipping idols and I did it to my heart’s content. Now, is not the time for bhakti. Now is the time for knowledge, to know who I am, to know the Father, the time and my fortune. I have been given the third eye of knowledge through which I can see the future clearly and there is so much to look forward to! So why think about the past which won’t come for another 5000 years? why worry about situations that haven’t/won’t occur? This is a recipe of remaining in misfortune, or in other words, of remaining a resident of hell.

The Father says: Kick hell away and claim the sovereignty of heaven that Ravan snatched away from you. It is imminent, right around the corner. There are two destinations I am going to – first, I go home and then shortly after, I come into heaven. Baba says, ‘you must keep the home in one eye and heaven in the other’. Then, I will remain constantly happy. That doesn’t mean I am in denial of whatever is going on in the present around me. It just means that I am not pulled by it, I am not under it’s influence. I see everything but I don’t judge and I don’t let it sit in my heart as feelings. I remain a detached observer.

When I am focused on the new world, I am fortune focused. I constantly see myself as an embodiment of virtues i.e. as the resident of that world and stay in the highest stage. It doesn’t mean I am unaware of my weaknesses, I am. It means that I don’t dwell on them and instead move on to the solution, I check and then, immediately change. When others see me, they see my fortune, not feelings of sacrifice. They see spiritual intoxication, not someone who is weighed down. If I experience my life to be a burden or one of sacrifice, then there is impurity somewhere, there is a doll somewhere.

At this time, do you hear the calls of the peaceless and sorrowful souls? asks Baba. Do you hear what the elements are calling out for? The Father says: Hey souls, who are benefactors for everyone, are you able to hear everyone’s call? Or, are you still busy playing with dolls?

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