Purity is honesty

Baba says, ‘the way to become a worthy-of-worship deity soul is to imbibe the power of purity’.

My greatest wish of this Brahmin life is to come close to God and to become equal to Him. Many ask: what do I have to do to experience God’s love, a closeness to Him in my life? It is not what I have to do but rather it is who I have to be- and that is honest. Those with such an honest heart are seated on the heart-throne of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, and children who are seated on the heart-throne receive the throne of the kingdom, the throne of self-sovereignty, the inheritance.

Honesty is purity and purity is the very foundation of Brahmin life. Everyone talks about peace and love and happiness and tolerance in the world, but it is only God that speaks of purity.

The very first blessing I receive from Baba is ‘be holy, be a yogi’. It is said that purity is the mother of peace and happiness and therefore, the barometer of purity in my life is the level of happiness and peace I and others experience. If there is even a trace of sorrow, Baba says, check your level of purity.

I can only live a pure life when I love purity. If I am following Shrimat and the code of conduct as a set of rules, as an obligation, then I cannot sustain it. Then I have thoughts such as: how long do I have to keep this up?, is my whole life going to be a struggle? It is only when I love purity, when I have realized its value, when I have tasted it that I choose a life of purity.

Situations come to everyone. Baba never says, storms might come, they will. But the storm is not important, it is how I react to it that matters. If I get afraid of it, if I become overwhelmed by it, if I think: O God, this happened! why did this happen? can this too happen!? etc., then I am allowing my thoughts to be wasted. But more importantly, it shows me that I am still caught up in this world. I still have expectations and attachments here. No wonder I feel peaceless and unhappy! At this time, my aim is to become an angel and follow Father Brahma. I cannot get there if I am still caught up in my own dramas, if I am still busy solving issues. When I am pure, I can let go. When I do, I instantly move away from the sorrow and return to my peace. This is not denial, rather it is the ability to detach from the situation and observe. Learn what I need to and move on.

Something else Brahma Baba did was live with the consciousness of a trustee. Honesty means to be constantly an instrument and to have feelings of humility in my thoughts, words and deeds. There wasn’t the trap of I and mine – my effort, my responsibilities, my children etc. He shouldered all responsibilities as a trustee of God. When there were crises, he was always carefree with the faith that: this is the Father’s task, He is responsible, He is the Benefactor and Protector. This is being faithful and applying a full-stop to all expansion. Then there is automatically peace and happiness. To not allow my foundation to be based on any situation and instead be based on my experiencing every aspect of knowledge and attainment, is honesty. Otherwise, as soon as the situation changes, the foundation changes and faith turns into doubt, and I start asking the questions: “Why?” and “How?”. Such a weak foundation causes upheaval over any trivial matter. 

Sometimes we can do this the wrong way and use the Father in a selfish way. I decide I want something based on my own attachments, dictates of my own mind or of others etc. and then I place the application in front of the Father and ask for His help. Or I go to Him only when I need salvation from a situation, otherwise I am busy living my life my own way. This is the opposite of honesty.

Talking about making attainment my foundation, I can find that I sometimes search for unhappiness, for sorrow. The mind cannot remain in vacuum, it needs to think. But I get to choose the kind of thoughts I want to think! Baba teaches me that I am the creator of my own thoughts, I have permission to drop the bad stuff – the thoughts of past actions, the regrets, the betrayals I faced, the insults etc. Yes they happened, but it is up to me if I want to hold on to them or move on. Baba has given me a new life, a life of attainment of unconditional love, belonging and happiness. I am being sustained by God Himself! Baba instructs me to live life based on the present attainment, not the past. The deep sanskar of bhakti chooses to punish the self constantly with thoughts of sorrow, feelings of being a sinner, a victim of situations etc. And I often see the thought when it starts but I choose to let it grow, I indulge. It’s an addiction to sorrow. Baba teaches me that to take sorrow is as much a sin as giving sorrow. I have to learn to check and immediately change course. Never let go of happiness.

Sometimes, I am impressed by others- by their skill, their special talent, their virtue or something else. It’s okay to appreciate but it’s a different matter to allow myself to be impressed because that will inevitably lead to disappointment and sorrow. At this point, no one in the drama is perfect, everyone has defects. It’s a matter of time when they fall off the pedestal I put them on and then I reject them and myself for being ‘silly’. And during the time that I am impressed, I subtly and inadvertently move God off the throne of my heart and place the soul there. This is impurity and is depriving myself of the only true love and happiness of this time.

Honesty is also about revealing myself to the Father as I am. Often though I tell Baba a few things and hide a few things because I am too embarrassed or I get arrogant and decide I can take care of things or something else. To reveal myself honestly before the Father and take His hand of co-operation is honesty. He is here as the Purifier, as the Supreme Surgeon. This is not a journey I am meant to take by myself, let me have the humility and honesty to make Him my Companion. This is also the easiest way to experience the ascending stage at every step.

But it’s not just about me experiencing purity, others have to experience peace and happiness through me, says Baba. If other souls don’t experience peace and happiness through your mind, that is, if the impact of your pure thoughts does not reach others, then check the reason for that, He says. Chances are I have imbibed their weakness or defect i.e. I disapproved of something they said or did, thereby subtly polluting my feelings for them. I have to learn the art of observing without absorbing. Otherwise each time I interact with that soul, I will do so through the polluted lens. They will never experience pure feelings from me, always a bit polluted.

The qualification of an pure and honest soul is to have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone, says Baba. The definition of the perfection in purity is “for oneself to be a constant embodiment of peace and happiness and also to enable others to experience the attainment of peace and happiness.” On the basis of this attainment, such pure souls will constantly spread rays of happiness, peace and coolness, says Baba. You have to become a searchlight, not a just a light, He says.

The original form of the self is purity; your original religion is purity, that is, the first virtue of the soul is purity. Your original home is the pure abode. Your kingdom is the pure kingdom. Your memorial is: “Supremely pure and worthy-of-worship”. The eternal nature of your physical organs is to perform pure actions. Just by constantly keeping this in your awareness, you will be liberated from having to labor, says Baba. All of you are pure souls. Simply stabilize in your self-respect and constantly perform every action while remaining stable on this seat of your self-respect and you will be easily blessed. Constantly maintain the sparkle and intoxication of purity. No body consciousness can remain in front of soul consciousness.

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