Becoming a master liberator

Baba says, ‘become a master liberator‘. For this,  remain stable in the self-respect of your original form and land.

Just as the Father is the Liberator, so too, children are master liberators, says Baba. However, only when you first become self-liberators will you be able to liberate others and stabilize them in the stage of the self-respect of their original form and original land. 

Just as in the world, I first learn something, make myself the expert and then use my expertise to help others, in spiritual life too, Baba says, you first made effort to make yourself strong. But now, according to the time, I also have to be a world benefactor. Your time, Baba says, has to be for the souls of the world. Souls of the entire world are your family because as children of the unlimited Father, you are part of the unlimited family.

Become a master sun of knowledge and, through the powers you have accumulated, through your treasures of knowledge, your attitude, vision and awareness, that is, through the elevated thoughts of your good wishes and pure feelings, and through the virtues you have imbibed in your practical life, through the rays of all these spiritual endeavors, Baba says, finish peacelessness. Just as the sun is in one place and yet finishes darkness everywhere with its rays, so, too, become a master sun of knowledge and have mercy on souls filled with sorrow.

Unhappy souls are calling out and wondering when the souls who are the removers of their sorrow and are the bestowers of happiness will be revealed. All of them are waiting for and invoking all of you, says Baba. As world-benefactor souls, when will you put an end to their waiting? He asks.

Unless you become liberated, all souls, the elements and the devotees cannot become liberated. So, become liberated, become master bestowers and donate liberation!, He says. Now, become souls who wear the crown of responsibility for world transformation.

For this, Baba says, you have to bring into your experience the sanskars of a constant karma yogi, a constantly easy yogi and a constantly liberated soul from this time. But the word that repeatedly brings you down is “reason”. Transform this word “reason” and always adopt the word “solution” because the service you are doing now is finding a solution to the reason for the problems of all the souls of the world. That will give liberation to souls. And therefore, Baba says, it is a given that you will need to find a solution to all your own reasons first because only then will you be able to give liberation.

If I am constantly in my own drama: ‘this happened because she did this…’, ‘if he were to leave, I would be able to serve better…’, ‘it is because of this circumstance that I cannot serve…’, ‘once this situation goes away, I will be happy…’, ‘how did this happen…’, I cannot serve. Don’t become innocent in this way, says Baba. The problems should change into the form of solutions. Now, your time and effort should not be used for finishing problems. According to the present time, there will be a queue in front of you of souls asking for liberation, a little salvation and if you are in your own queue of reasons, of waste thoughts, then how will you serve, asks Baba.

Always remember that you are an instrument for world transformation, He says. The consciousness of “I”, that brings you into body consciousness, automatically ends with the feeling of being an instrument. In this Brahmin life, it is this body consciousness of “I” that creates the biggest obstacle. When you experience that “Karavanhar is making me do it and I, karanhar, the instrument, am doing it”, you will easily become free from body consciousness and you will also experience the pleasure of the stage of liberation-in-life. It is only at this time that you receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life from BapDada. It is at this time that you also have to become master bestowers of liberation and liberation-in-life. The method to become a bestower of liberation and liberation-in-life is to become free from the consciousness of the body in a second. This practice is now necessary. Let there be such controlling power over your mind, Baba says, that just like you are able to move your physical organs such as your hands and feet as and when you want, so too, there has to be so much control over your mind that you are able to concentrate it wherever you want.

Practice touring the three worlds, He says. If you give an order to the mind: You have to go to the subtle region or the incorporeal world, are you then able to make your mind reach wherever you want in a second?, He asks, do you have this practice? There is now a greater need for this practice, greater attention has to be paid, Baba says, to becoming concentrated whenever and for as long as you want, to becoming unshakeable and not coming into upheaval. There is the saying, “Those who conquer the mind conquer the world” but, says Baba, the mind still deceives you sometimes. With the power of concentration, you can easily develop the power of determination, and determination automatically ensures success.

Remember who you are!, says Baba, you have to become a master liberator, no matter what happens. Whatever the reason, or even if you have to face an obstacle greater than a hundred Himalayas, you must not step away from them; you must not be defeated. You have been living with “reason” for half the cycle, and it is now time to find the solution – nivaran (solution) and nirvana (Land beyond sound), liberation, He says. Then, you can give the experience of the original form and the land through your own form. Your face and activity has to be so clear that it shows that you are children of the Bestower of Liberation who will give liberation.

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