Master sun of knowledge

Baba says, ‘be a master sun of knowledge who burns the rubbish of weaknesses and defects with the rays of your powers‘.

Knowledge is light, it dispels the darkness of ignorance and liberates the soul. The greatest ignorance is body consciousness because it is ignorance of one’s own identity. When I forget who I am and think of myself as the body, there is a lot of damage done to oneself, to others and to the world. I fall from my most elevated seat of self-sovereignty and become a beggar. I change from a diamond to a shell. I become, as Baba says, worth not a penny.

Knowledge is therefore the inheritance I receive from the Father. When you remember the Father, you automatically remember the inheritance, He says. Baba is the only conscious soul at this point in the cycle, He is my only reference point. When I connect with Him, I am able to realize myself. The first lesson in this study is the answer to the question: who am I? it is also the last lesson where I become the complete embodiment of knowledge. The journey in between is realization- not just that I am a soul but what type of soul I am.

You are the master sun of knowledge, says Baba. As is the Father’s praise, so is the children’s self-respect.

I become the master sun of knowledge when I can convert knowledge to power. Until then it is just in the intellect as points. But when I use the point in my practical life, it becomes power. Then, it becomes part of me. In fact, it is the only way to make the knowledge mine. If you don’t use it, you will lose it, cautions Baba. In other words, I will forget it.

Just as the sun generates the most heat at noon and early afternoon, in the same way, there is maximum power at the moment of realization. When I sit in remembrance and realize something about myself that I need to change, that precise moment is when there is maximum power. That is when I need to act, make that deep commitment to myself and Baba to change, burn away that weakness. Often, we are happy to have had the realization, we even note it down as something I need to work on but in putting it away, I lose power.

For this, of course, I need to have concentration and stability. When a ray if light is powerful and is concentrated, it has the ability to burn that which it falls on. Just as how holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper under the sun focuses the sun rays on the paper causing it to burn, similarly, with concentration, I too can burn away the rubbish of body conscious sanskars. You must burn them away so that they never come back, says Baba. You must practice concentrating your mind on a particular point for as long as you want, whenever you want. Throughout the day, in between your activities, stop and check if you can concentrate, He teaches. The more soul conscious I am, the more stable I become. I stop fluctuating and am able to flow with the scenes of the drama with ease, with maturity.

Only when I become free from obstacles in this way can I become a remover of obstacles for others too, says Baba. Then, when someone is angry or rude, I don’t take offense. Instead, I burn away their anger with my power of tolerance. The key thing, Baba says, is that you must have these powers available i.e. in stock at all times and know which power to use at any time. For example, if I use the power to face instead of the power to tolerate when confronted with an angry person, I would inadvertently make the situation worse. Churn the knowledge and remember the Father, says Baba. That will help you understand and give you the power to imbibe each point accurately.

When I become powerful, I am able to donate it to the world, like the sun. I become a lighthouse-mighthouse, someone who has both knowledge of right vs. wrong and the power to bring transformation on the basis on that understanding. Even while being in one place, I am able to use my mind to radiate powerful good wishes and pure feelings to the whole world, not just where I am. I am able to reach souls far away and show them the path home. I am able to bring peace, power and happiness to those in distress. If you are just serving yourself or just a few souls in one area, then you are not a sun of knowledge, says Baba.

The Father, the Sun of Knowledge, comes to dispel the darkness of ignorance and bring light. His birthday is celebrated as Shiv Ratri which means that He comes during the night of ignorance to bring light. This is why His birthday is also the birth of knowledge or Gita Jayanti. He has come to liberate souls from the depths of darkness and take everyone back home with Him. You are my children, my helpers, He reminds me. You are the master suns of knowledge. You too finish the darkness and bring light and therefore, those who bring light into the world cannot themselves be in darkness. You are not lanterns, He says, where the light is above them and there is darkness below. Rather, you yourselves are the form of light and might and you give this to others. Where there is constant light, there is no question of darkness, there cannot be darkness. So, hey souls! Remember who you are and remember the Father.

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