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Controlling power

Baba says, ‘you need controlling power to be successful on the field of service‘. The soul is the operator of the body, it controls the physical organs- makes them do what it chooses, when it chooses and how it chooses. … Continue reading

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Service through the mind

Baba says, ‘the easy method of serving the world is serving through the mind‘. According to the present time, service through the mind is extremely essential. The basis of becoming a world server, Baba says, is being full of all the three powers – … Continue reading

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Baba says, ‘your mood should not fluctuate’. Stability is one of the most important virtues. Are we stable? Usually, our mood depends on how our day is going. If things go according to plan, we feel good. If not, we … Continue reading

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A stable mind and intellect

Baba cautions against a wandering mind and intellect. He suggests we focus on doing one thing and only one thing well- being Manmanbhav. The rest is of no concern to us, He says. We live in a very difficult time, … Continue reading

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