Being yogyukt

Baba says, ‘become yogyukt‘. Those who are yogyukt experience knowing everything already beforehand. 

Being yogyukt means to be an embodiment of yoga or remembrance. It means that I am someone that experiments with yoga constantly. I experiment with yoga when it comes to transforming my sanskars. If I say things like: I didn’t mean to get angry but I did…, then that is not being yogyukt. Instead, when I am yogyukt, I use the situations as laboratories to experiment in. I try a power or a virtue and get stronger and better at using them.

Sometimes, I am able to experiment with yoga when all the circumstances are right- I have all the right facilities and equipment I need. In other words, my spiritual endeavor depends on the facilities. This is not being yogyukt. When I am truly yogyukt, my spiritual endeavor is independent of anyone or anything. In fact, it is the spiritual endeavor that automatically brings facilities and instruments I need.

To be yogyukt means I have a strong inner awareness of who I am, of Whom I belong to and of what is going on. I am in on the plot at all times, so to speak. Maybe things aren’t going as planned, it’s taking a long time but when I am yogyukt, I know that while not much is happening externally, there is much happening internally. I am tuned in to the lessons I am being taught by the drama and Baba. Maybe it’s detachment, patience, humility, faith…I tune in, catch it and learn it. I don’t complain because there is nothing to complain about.

When I am yogyukt, I know that God is in-charge of my life, that He is not wasting a single moment of it. He is constantly, tirelessly working on me, teaching me, preparing me for my destiny. All I do is align with Him, with His vision. I accept what He is telling me about me and co-operate with Him. I stay open, pliable. I don’t demand answers to ‘how something will happen?’ or ‘when it will happen?’ because I know whatever needs to happen is happening already, accurately, on time. It may not be what I had thought, but it is the right thing. I trust God’s method and timing. I stay content and at rest, despite the circumstances, because I know.

When I am in this consciousness, my speed of effort is fast because I don’t come to a standstill when there is a storm or because of a circumstance or a person. I keep on moving forward. You have been successful, you have been victorious cycle after cycle, Baba reminds me. The non-living idols are proof of your victory! I remember this when I am yogyukt. You have everything, says Baba, but to experiment with it at the right time and to be successful in that experiment is known as being a soul who is the embodiment of knowledge or knowledge-full. Such souls who are the embodiment of knowledge are extremely loved and extremely close.

Remember that you are the soul, not the body, Baba says daily.

I am the charioteer who is controlling the chariot (body). This consciousness automatically makes me detached from the chariot, that is, from the body. It makes me detached from any type of body consciousness, it frees me from the trap of the false ‘I and mine’ and therefore from the battling with Maya. When there is no consciousness of the body, I easily become yogyukt. This is what Brahma Baba demonstrated, says Baba, this is true surrender. Now, follow father.

When I am yogyukt, I remember that I am an actor on this stage and not just any actor but a hero actor. I am aware that whatever actions I perform, others will follow. And so, I pay attention to every thought- is this thought accurate i.e. is it what Baba would think? Don’t think that you must just reveal Him through your words, says Baba, but you must reveal the Father at every moment through every action. Reveal Baba in such a way that the words emerge from the lips of all souls, that each of you is practically like the Father. Your every action should become a mirror through which they can have a vision of the divine form and the spirituality of BapDada’s virtues and task.

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